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Voluntourism?? Who knew.

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This term is defined as a :


Voluntourism: the practice of taking a holiday which combines leisure and sightseeing with the opportunity to work for a charity or other worthwhile cause.


I think when we go on a vacation, especially to another county, we ALL think about this but do we ever DO IT ?

In 2008 my husband and I went to Jamaica for the first time (for me).

It was my first time going to another country and I was compelled to learn about the people, econony, schools, etc. The next time we went to Jamaica, I took pencils, crayons, and notebooks with me for the kids.  I never thought there were organizations and websites out there that can help hook you up with a needy organization in a particular country or even a US city.  Here are some resources you can use when you go on your next vacation to DO SOMETHING!!

This will be updated regularly…so check back!!!  Just click on the photo and TRAVEL!!!

Pack For A Purpose

More good organizations:

Cheaptickets.com has teamed up with the United Way to offer any travelers a way to set up their own volunteer vacations or you can add a day just to volunteer.

(go to the home page and click the tap under “top interests”)

Every month, the Web site features special deals to hotspots where you can vacation and volunteer.

Travelocity.com also has a chance to win a 5,000 voluntourism trip!!!

Go Differently is also a resource for volunteering with children and even elephants!  (this will be one I will convince Roni to go on)


If you cannot immediately travel, but still want to help. Check out the Passport Party Project which helps young girls get their passports.  I met the founder of this organization, one brown girl, and LOVE what she does.


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    August 9, 2012

    This sounds interesting. I never had thought about this idea before. Reply