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A Night at “The Nines”

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Jaw Dropping Room!

This weekend I spent 24 hours in Portland Oregon. Yes……24 hours It was my birthday present from Roni. I think we were in the air flying ( I am flying right now!!!) more then on the ground.  But….it was a blast!!!  I would definitely do it again. The Nines was in the center of downtown Portland and literally across the street from the local MAX train transportation. About a 45 minute ride from the airport. Anyway, the hotel was AWESOME!!  I literally walked into the lobby of the hotel and was immediately impressed.  It was very posh and “artsy.” We checked in the hotel and got the key to our room which was on the 12th floor .  We had a corner room that had two walls of windows.  I walked into the room and……….

Jaw Dropping Room!

This was really my face….I was shocked on how beautiful it was!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen a room like this anywhere.  It is not your typical hotel room with matching maroon lamps and bedspreads.  It is a beautiful blue and brown Tiffany’s style setting. The room was HUGE and the bathroom was even bigger.  I don’t know if ALL the rooms are this big, but I don’t think it mattered because the are truly beautiful.  It felt very “girly.” The bathroom was also very nice. They had a marble shower with a little “shaver shelf.” A shaver shelf !! If you are a girl, you will just understand.  They also had three bright mirrors and a make-up area.  Again, it was very geared toward the woman. Here is our view from the bedroom!!!  We could see the beautiful mountains and the pristine city. After a quick snack, we decided to explore the rest of the hotel.  The atrium area had many areas for mingling and just relaxing with a glass of Portland wine.  It was in the center of the hotel and had a beautiful ceiling. A member of the staff told us that this hotel used to be a department store that they restored.  I love that!!!!!  The bar area……..trendy and gorgeous!!! After our day in the city (click here to find out what we did), we were walking back to our room and saw the best little detail of the hotel.  This was the doorstop on the doors leading to a conference room.  It was so FUN that I made Roni lay on the floor and take the picture. This hotel thought of EVERYTHING…right down to the doorstop. Overall, I LOVED this hotel and would recommend it to anyone traveling to Portland.  I am pretty critical about things and I honestly have NO complaints about The Nines.

Other highlights:

  • rooftop bar
  • top floor restaurant (Tappas style) with glorious views
  • friendly and cute doormen
  • organic shampoo and conditioner that smell GREAT
  • clean and comfortable beds

For more information…..Check out their video!!


525 SW Morrison · Portland, Oregon 97204 United States


Central Reservations: 888-627-7208

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    Weekend in Portland

    September 19, 2012

    That is the MOST beautiful hotel I have ever seen! if I ever make it to Portland I am staying there! Reply


    September 19, 2012

    Whoa! That is one swanky hotel! I'm so happy you guys had fun. Happy Birthday, Jen. Reply

    Krista S.

    November 1, 2012

    I've stayed at the Nines multiple times and it truly is fantastic!!! One of my favourite things about is the location - there's no way it could be more central!!! Reply