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Carry On Baggage

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I leave for Portland in a few days and I am finally starting to do laundry and get myself ready for the trip.

But…….I am just packing enough stuff for a carry on because I am only going for 24 hours.

I have NEVER packed so little that I can fit it in a carry on.  Every time I go somewhere I always end up packing for every occasion..even if it most likely will not happen.

what if…..it rains?

what if…..it is cold?

what if….we decide to go kayaking!  (I know, but it COULD happen)

what if…..I want to wear jeans?

what if…..there is a pool at the hotel?

So many things go through my mind because I always want to be prepared.  And when Roni and I travel together we usually find something interesting to do that requires the right attire!!!!  I like to have all my stuff with me.  I know that if I forget something I can always buy it, but I just don’t think like that. So here I am. Stuck. Thinking.

Yes. This is my thinking face.

So, the first thing I have to decide is which bag to take.  I openly admit that I am somewhat of a “bag hoarder.”  My husband actually forbids me to bring home another bag.  Thirty one gifts is my friend.

I think I am just going to bring a backpack because we have a layover.  Roni ALWAYS just brought a backpack when we traveled and I would laugh.  This time, I am going to try it.

But what products can I bring?

I have a mini:

  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • lotion
  • face wash

I also went searching and found the TSA website that you can actually type an item into the search box and it will tell you if you can bring it or not!


So this is what I am bringing.

That’s it.

When I went searching for these miniature items.  I went to the…… Christmas Tree Shop!  Surprisingly they have the best travel item selection .  They even have plastic carrying cases that are the perfect size for going through security. Who would have know that a Christmas place has the best travel stuff????

Now I have to pack clothing. First things first. Check the weather.

I also know that we will be going out to dinner.  So here is my list:

  1. underwear (3 pairs)                                                   6.  two shirts
  2. one bra                                                                          7. jammies
  3. brown flip flops                                                          8. pair of shorts
  4. sneakers (for the plane and walking around )  9. pair of jeans
  5. throw on dress
Now that I look at it.  I still think it is too much.  I will probably pack and repack several times before I leave.
Am I forgetting something? Probably.

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    September 14, 2012

    Your list sounds perfect. My mission for shorter trips is to only pack a carry on. I layer clothing on the plane so I can essentially bring more without packing it, a tank top, V-neck t-shirt, and hoodie. My 5 year old son and I recently went to Florida for 3 nights and I packed us both into one carry on. It was a proud moment! I hope you and Roni have an awesome trip. I can't wait to read about it. Reply


    September 14, 2012

    I'm the opposite way! I love the carry on rolly bag. I'm love fitting in a bunch of stuff into a small bag. Checking bags is the worse and I'd rather have all my stuff with me in case of delays or layovers. You've got the right stuff! Have lots of fun!!! Reply