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Sunshine By the UrbanSpoonful

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Sunshine Grille Menu

Staying true to my commitment of making travel a priority, I decided to surprise The Husband on a night out this Saturday. My goal was to seduce him with a movie he really wanted to see (Looper) and then convince him to try a new restaurant.

I didn’t care which new restaurant. I just wanted to go someplace out of our ordinary.

So I hit UrbanSpoon and started searching.

I’m fairly new to UrbanSpoon. Besides randomly coming across them in google results, I never really tried searching the site specifically.


Critic reviews, diner reviews, blog reviews, photos from users all organized by city.

Moments after starting my search I cam across this.

Urbanspoon entry for Sunshine Grille

Hmmm a greek restaurant not that far from my house with 100% approval. Nothing gets 100% in the review department. When was the last time you saw a movie get 100% on rotten tomatoes? From the audience?

It never happens!

This place has to be good and it’s Greek!

We never eat Greek!

I decided. We’re going!

The Husband was a little suspicious.

The Husband at the Sunshine Grille

But overall he was game. When we walked in I was pleasantly surprised by how homey it was. Sometimes, smaller local places can by quite intimidating, but the staff at Sunshine Grille immediately made us feel welcome on our first visit.

I was exited by the menu. Lots of Greek options I know nothing about. This one caught my eye specifically.

Lamb Kapama on the Menu

First, I rarely eat lamb. It’s not something I think about or is regularly available to me. Second, Feta. MMmmm Feta. And third, Oven roasted potatoes? Yes please!

I made my choice.

The Husband and I also decided on some soup and an appetizer.

I had the Maryland Crab and he had the Chicken Noodle.

Soup and the finger

Both very good. And yes, that’s me getting the middle finger. Don’t mind him, It’s a bit of an inside joke.

Our appetizer, fried calamari. I remember reading a review that said it was good.


I agree, good and HUGE! I never had such big calamari before! It was lightly breaded and the dipping sauce was great. Not too sweet like some I’ve had.

My Lamb Kapama came and it was delicious!

Lamb Kapama

Thin slices of lamb in this yummy tomato based sauce mixed with feta. The potatoes were cooked until tender and I was happy to see only 3 wedges. The perfect amount.

The Garlic bread was a pleasant surprise and went fabulous with the marinara. Although I tried to stay away having just one bite. I REALLY wanted popcorn at the movie.

The Husband got crab imperial stuffed jumbo shrimp and devoured it!

The portion sizes weren’t enormous yet they didn’t skimp either. They were just  right but with soup and an appetizer we had a hard time finishing.


In hindsight I would have skipped the starters and went for dessert. They had some amazing looking pies at the counter. (sorry, none of my pictures from the phone came out. :(

Overall, I was impressed and The Husband said he’d like to go back. That speaks volumes coming from the pickiest eater I know.

Oh! and in case you are wondering, Looper was fabulous, if you’re into Sci-Fi, action time travel movies like we are.

Sunshine Grille
12607 Fork Rd
Fork, MD 21051
(410) 592-3378

Sunshine Grille on Urbanspoon

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    October 9, 2012

    Greek food is delicious! Growing up in Astoria we have tons of great greek restaurants here. Next time your in NYC you'll have to let me take you to my favorite one. It's a quick train ride from the city. Reply