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Collection Obsession

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When you go on vacation, people often want to bring home something from the trip.

T-shirt? magnet? ashtray? shot glass?

Well, everywhere where I go I get one thing. A stick pin.

My obsession first started after my grandfather died and I was going through his things.  I found his marine corps hat with stick pins attached. Each of these little pins brought back a memory for me and I started to smile.

This Kansas pin was on his hat and it one of my oldest pins on my collection.  I lived in Olathe,Kansas until I was about 5 years old.  I have fond memories. When I showed my grandmother the pin, she did not have the same memory of that pin that I did. She told me that is where my grandfather was born and he got it when he returned in 1980.  Huh…I had no idea.  I realized all the importance of the pins and took them all off his hat.

Then it began.
Everywhere I went, no matter the event, I found a pin.  I have some from restaurants, Broadway shows, states, hotels, or even sporting events. My goal was to get pins from places that I actually visited, but friends and family now know my obsession and get pins for me from places they have been.  My most prized pin is when a friend went to Africa. Yes, I have a pin from Africa!

I display the pins proudly in the guest bedroom and it is ALWAYS a topic of conversation.

Recently, I have also taken up a collection of Starbucks mugs (due to me recent obsession with coffee) Did not realize that there is a Starbucks everywhere! They are easy and quick to get because they are usually in airports.  I have about 4 so far and they are also fun to collect.

Collecting things is fun and it gives you a small memory of all the things you have done.  My kids love to just point to a pin and I know the story of when and where I got that pin.  It is always amazing to me HOW I remember .

What do you collect on vacation?


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    December 7, 2012

    I collect Starbucks mugs too! I love them. And I love Starbucks. What I love most about them though is that when I drink out of them I am reminded of the wonderful memories from that particular trip. Two of my favorites are from New Zealand and Argentina. When we go on family vacations we always get an ornament for our Christmas tree. A fun way to document where we have been over the years. Reply

    Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me

    December 19, 2012

    We always get christmas ornaments (or something I can fashion into a christmas ornament) when we travel. Reply