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Cuba Libre, PHL

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This weekend was fun!!  It was a day of wedding shower bliss for a close friend and then a quick drive to Philadelphia for dinner.  Philly is only about 90 minutes from Lancaster…on a good day.  Today, it took us about 2 hours. But it was a fun two hours because I was in the car with a some AWESOME chicks.

We went to eat at Cuba Libre.

Our dinner reservations were for 9:00 in an upstairs private room, since there were 14 of us. To make a long, angry, starving, ravenous story short we were finally seated at 9:45.  To their defense, it was a Saturday night and we were late arriving.

Anyway, we were seated right by the door at the front of the restaurant because they did not have our table upstairs ready.  There was apparently a couple sitting at one of our tables that were just hangin’ out.  The restaurant did not want to ask them to move. I graciously asked the manager if they would like me to go up there and ask them to move but he declined my request. At this point, we were all hungry so we just decided to have a nice time and eat.

The menu was extensive but they had a lot of variety.  It seemed to have something for everyone from meat to some vegetarian choices. I had the vegetarian squash ravioli with spinach.

It was very good. I am still thinking about it.

(I did take a picture , but it was too dark…I need a better camera)

All the other girls seemed very happy also.  The drink menu was also HUGE.  My husband and I have eaten here before so I was aware of the wonderful mojitos.  These are by far the best mojitos I have ever had and look forward to getting one every time . This time I got the blueberry one and it surely did not disappoint.

We ended the meal and were literally rushed out of our table.  I realized that they were clearing the tables around us and there were people gathering because it turns into a dance floor at 11.  We did not get any desert offered to us or any other drinks.  I got up to speak to the manager and they took my chair to stack it…seriously?  I was very polite, but stern and told them I was upset that we just finished dinner and we are being rushed out. The manager offered to buy us all shots and apologized emphatically.

I was NOT happy, but decided to suck it up and have a better evening.

A few of us had to use the bathroom before we left but we were not allowed into the one stall bathroom because the dancers were changing. Things are not getting better.

Again I decided to just smile and walk away.

The music started almost immediately and the dancers started taking over the dance floor.  I have to admit, they were very fun to watch and the music was fun. But….we decided not to stay and went bar hopping.

My husband and I have never had a bad experience here, but tonight was an exception.  This restaurant was my suggestion and I really felt bad about bringing the bridal party here with such bad service.  I think I will return, but it will not be on a Saturday night.

Cuba Libre

10 S. 2nd Street (2nd & Market Streets), Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: 215.627.0666
Fax: 215.627.6193

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    December 29, 2012

    If you like Cuban food and a fun atmosphere but are looking for something a little less "night-cluby" in Philly, may I reccomend Alma de Cuba on 17th and Walnut? Cuba Libre kind of stresses me out, it might be fun for a late night drink if you're prepared for the noise/crowd, but it can get kind of hectic in there! Alma de Cuba has a great atmosphere, the decor is lovely and the food is fantastic. (The ceviche tasting platter is a MUST) Reply


      December 31, 2012

      Julia...Thank you for the suggestion. I will try that restaurant instead. I was not happy. Jen Reply