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Roni: Recently Jen and I traveled to Siesta Key Florida for the weekend. We stayed at the Tropical Beach Resort and had access to the property’s private beach.

Entrance to the Beach from Sarasea Circle

Jen: Actually it was Crescent Beach. And it was Lovely!

Roni: There’s no doubt it. The beach was beautiful. I mean, it’s a beach!

Jen: Umm yea, We were at a beach in DECEMBER! 

Roni: True, but if I’m being honest, after visiting for a few days I can honestly say it wasn’t my favorite place to frolic in the sand.

Jen: OH…I disagree!  It was one of the most scenic and calm beaches I have been too. There were very few people, beautiful clear views of the water, and the sand was just divine.

Roni: lol This is why I love you Jen. We have completely different views when it comes to just about everything, even beaches. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty awesome. The sand was like baby powder.

Jen: Or “moon sand.”  I actually sat down and just played with it for awhile in pure amazement. Jersey and New York definitely do NOT have sand like this.

Siesta Key Sand – Like Powder

Roni: It’s true! I have never, ever, been on a beach with sand so fine. It was amazing and a treat for your feet except for the abundance of shells!

Shells on the Beach

They were concentrated by the shore line and I loved searching through them, but with the sand so fine they really could do some damage to your feet. I tried running barefoot. BIG no-no.

Jen: They were an issue, but they were only really bad close to the water. And I was not going near the water. It was freezing!

Roni: The water was was pretty cold but I actually went in after a run and it was quite refreshing!

The sand being so fine also made it very compact near the water’s edge.

Bike on the Beach at Siesta Key

Yup, that’s someone riding a bike ON THE BEACH! Am I the only person that thinks that weird?

Jen: Yes. Have you even been to Daytona?  They have cars, motorcycles, bikes, and anything else with four wheels on the beach. What was weird to me about this moment was that it is December and there is a man with no shirt on and it is 78.  That is weird.

Roni: Hmm I don’t think I have been to the beach at Daytona. And yes, just being in a warm climate is weird for me in December. The hotel playing Christmas music while I was lounging by the pool REALLY threw me off.

There’s one more thing that struck me immediately about Siesta Key.

Sunset at Siesta Key

No waves!

I didn’t really think about it before, but to me beach = waves. Maybe it’s because I grew up on the shore lines of New York and New Jersey, but sound of crashing waves is a big part of the beach experience, for me anyway.

Jen: This was the best part for me on Crescent Beach.  No waves!  I felt like this beach was made for me.  I HATE going into the ocean and having the waves knock me down and roll me up onto the shore. Hate it.  I never liked the ocean and hardly ever go in it. I would be in the water a lot here.

Roni: Ha! I LOVE the waves! It’s the best part of the beach! The knocking me down, the rolling me up on the shore, makes me smile just thinking about it.

Jen: Renting a kayak would be glorious! (I will be doing that next time)

Roni: Now that I agree with! I’m all in for Kayaking next time!

At the end of the day, the beach was beautify and the Sunsets on the Gulf Coast can’t be beat.

Sunset at the Beach

Jen: All we needed was a beach towel and a bottle of wine. It would have been great.

Roni: We even caught a wedding party taking advantage of the awesome photo opportunities.

Wedding at the Beach

Jen: Awe. I should have done this for MY wedding. It was so romantic.

Roni: It was! Stay tuned for a few more posts inspired by this trip.

The Unworldly Travelers at Siesta Key

TheUnworldlyTravelers finally added a tack to their map and we’re excited!

The Unworldly Travelers

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    linda noss

    December 10, 2012

    I would have to agree w/Jen. Love the calmness of the Gulf. I live here and love siesta Key. the sand, no waves,etc! Reply


    December 10, 2012

    What gorgeous pictures! That's my goal for next year. Christmas in warm weather! Reply