Being Married to a Non-Traveler

Being Married to a Non-Traveler

In a few months I’ll be married for 12 years. TWELVE! And we dated for 6 years before that.

I’m nodding my head in disbelief.

How fast time has past. Was college really that long ago?

We work hard on our relationship. You have to after so many years and kids and experiences.

I can honestly say I had no real travel aspirations when we married. I enjoyed going on short vacations and taking weekend trips, but with limited funds and, well, an unworldly view of life, traveling was not really a priority.

My, things have changed.

Now I can’t stop dreaming of trips!

Short trips. Long trips. Cheap trips. Luxurious trips. Active trips. Relaxing trips. Trips with the kids. Trips without the kids. Local trips. International trips. Trips. Trips. Trips!

I just want to TRAVEL!

Unfortunately, The Husband does not share my excitement.

I hesitate to call him a home body as he likes going out and is pretty game for most road trips as long as we don’t go too often or travel too far.

Recently, I dragged him to Siesta Key Florida for a couples weekend and we had an amazing time. Part of me was hoping the experience would help him forget his fear of flying and adopt my new passion for travel.

It didn’t happen.

First of all, his fear is real and not something I can not help him get him through. Like most things in life, he has to want to change, and unfortunately he doesn’t.

His expression when we landed was priceless.

My Non-Traveling Husband Just Happy to be Alive

He was so happy to just be on the ground! I thought, maybe, just maybe, by flying his fear would subside enough to take future flights. Instead, the experience may have reinforced his anxiety.


What’s an aspiring traveler to do?!


Of course.

The great thing about being in a healthy relationship is one person’s desires aren’t in competition with the other’s. The Husband understands and supports my new found obsession to travel, and I respect his decision not to.

He thinks I’m crazy for wanting see the world and I think he’s nuts for not wanting to.

He’d be happy to never, ever get on another plane and I can’t wait to see the view from 3o,000 feet again.

We really couldn’t be more opposite.

I think it may be why we “work.”

Being married to a non-traveler is not really an issue, unless you make it one.