Rafting - Image from oars.com

Planning A Trip Out of My Comfort Zone

I did it! I just made a deposit on an adventure vacation for me and my 7 year old son. Well, he’ll be 8 when we go but still…


I can’t believe I did it.

This is a first.

I’m scared, nervous, excited, and proud of myself for booking it.

The trip isn’t until August of next year but this, THIS, is what I’m talking about when I say I’m making travel a priority.

I’ve spend the last few month searching for trips, saving money and taking the necessary steps to actually make this trip happen.

It’s a lot of work!

I mean it’s not work-work but it is time consuming. And isn’t it so easy to say you are going to do something and then really never actually take the action steps required to make it happen? I’m trying hard NOT to be that person. I want to look back on my life knowing I sucked the marrow out of it. I have to MAKE it happen and not let me fear or laziness stop me.

Time just passes so fast!

Well, sometimes it does anyway. Now we have to patiently wait 8 months before embarking on our Green River Rafting adventure! Here’s what we’ll be doing…

  • Scenic ride from Vernal, Utah to Dinosaur National Monument
  • Raft through the towering Gates of Lodore
  • Challenge some of the river’s most exciting and famous rapids like Upper and Lower Disaster Falls
  • Hike up Winnie’s Grotto to beautiful oases and side canyons
  • Sit back and soak in the remote splendor of Lodore – its soaring red rock cliffs sprinkled with deep green junipers and piñon pines
  • Feast on delicious meals, relax on sandy beaches
  • Charge rapids like Harp Falls, Triplet Falls, and Hells Half Mile
  • Hike to Rippling Brook — the perfect place for a cooling shower
  • View petroglyphs at the confluence with the Yampa River
  • We pick up speed as we enter Split Mountain Canyon and the river’s gradient becomes considerably steeper. Four or five major rapids deliver plenty of whitewater excitement during our last day on the river
  • Shuttle from Split Mountain to Vernal

I’ve booked thru O.A.R.S. and so far, my experience has been great! My representative is super nice and attentive. I’ll be sure to post reviews and our experiences after the trip too.

Aaack! I’m so excited! Has anyone taken a trip like this before?

Update 8/21/2013: We did it! Click here to see the photos and here for a recap video!

Thanks to oars.com for the photo!