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“I Will Never Eat Bread Again…

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…unless it’s as good as the bread I had at Teresa Caffe”

That was my immediate response after taking a bite from the bread basket at Teresa Caffe in Princeton NJ.


Every year The Husband’s company throws the best Holiday Party. This year we got all dressed up…


…for a night at the Nassau Inn.

It’s a beautiful hotel located in a fabulous area called Palmer Square.


We only had a few hours Saturday morning to wonder around and lucky us, we stumbled across Teresa Caffe.


I wasn’t in the mood for pasta, so I was a little worried walking into an Italian restaurant, but we decided to give it a shot. I love that The husband is more adventurous now. He was totally game.

Being that it was around noon, I gravitated towards the sandwich area of the menu and immediately spied this.



The Husband opted for breakfast when the waitress told him Pane Francese was pretty much french toast.


We put in our orders and started to chat when the waitress brought IT.


As you can see the husband wasn’t that impressed but I was drooling. Fresh, crusty Italian bread? Olive oil for dipping?

Yes please.

The oil was phenomenal, and the bread, well as I said, it ruined all mediocre restaurant bread baskets from that moment forth.

The food came fairly quickly and it was beautiful.


The Husband enjoyed his “French Toast.”

Although, he said it was a little soggier then he expected.

My sandwich was way bigger than I expected.


I considered taking half home until I took a bite.


Yet again, the bread did not disappoint!

Even the simple green salad served on the side was a joy to eat.

Overall we were please with lunch. Our waitress was a little slow but she was friendly and that always makes up for it in my opinion.

To top off our short jaunt to Princeton we were greeted by a beautiful flurry of snow and actual carolers right outside the restaurant.


I must admit. It was a little surreal.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! Stay Tuned for some fun Unworldly Traveler announcements in the new year!

23 Palmer Square East
Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 921-1974

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    December 24, 2012

    LOVE Princeton. When we lived in Delaware, we'd drive up to Princeton a few times a year just to walk around, eat great food and "soak up the smart vibes." Reply