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Four Courses at Woodberry

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Last Friday the husband and I had dinner reservation at the Woodberry Kitchen with friends.

This is one of those Baltimore restaurants I hear everyone talk about, but getting there is a bit of a chore. So much so, most people I know that do go regularly rarely do dinner but enjoy their famous Sunday brunch.

It’s hard to get a reservation quickly for a party over 2. Our Friday night diner for 4 was reserved 2 months ago!

Was it worth it?

In one word…


The food and atmosphere were exactly what we were looking for in a night out with friends. Someplace slightly upscale without the pretentious snotty feel where we could sit, chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Our waitress was friendly and patient with our wine ineptness because well, I’m a dummy. The wine she selected for us was perfect!

At first glance the menu seemed daunting but when you took a closer look it included many staple items with a fun, creative flare.

Here’s what I ended up ordering (some items shared.)

Fried Pickles
boh’ batter, chile flakes, zesty ranch dip

Hare’s Valley Carrots
Ricotta, pea shoots, horseradish, farm egg dressing

Liberty Delight Tavern Steak
Mashed potatoes, cauliflower, shiitakes, celery root, chicory, red wine

The Kitchen Sink
Cookie dough ice cream, hot fudge, brownies, blondies, whipped cream, toffee

The fried pickles may seem like a pedestrian choice for such a restaurant and fancy night out, but they ended up to be one of my favorite things on the menu! The flavor of the batter was outstanding.

The carrot salad was tasty and interesting, but not my favorite option. It was a bit rich for my taste. Here it is by candlelight.


Photo taking was limited with the low lights in the dinning room which is unfortunate because the dishes were quite pretty.

The tavern steak was a 6 oz flatiron, cooked to perfection and served over the most flavorful mashed potatoes I’ve had in a long time.

Tavern steak

For dessert The Husband and I split the kitchen sink and it. was. amazing! Arriving in a large sundae dish with the fudge alongside the glass, I was immediately glad we decided to share. It was HUGE! The waitress mentioned they make their own ice cream and you can tell. It was rich, creamy and indulgent.

Overall, our dinner was nothing short of spectacular. We had to wait a bit for our reserved table but the staff was apologetic and courteous about it. They even brought us a glass of wine and an appetizer on the house to apologize.

The atmosphere is very comfortable in the re-purposed old building and parking was easy, just 2 blocks down (they also had a valet option.)

I would highly recommend Woodberry for a special night out and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making the husband take me on my birthday this year. :)

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 464-8000

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