Street Shot

Why didn’t I go?

It happens to me every time I am on Facebook and see that people are at the beach, Costa Rica, Mexico, and now ITALY and I say to myself:

“Why didn’t I go?”

People ask me all the time to go places. Why do I hesitate? I am writing a travel blog , right?

I should travel!

Every time I have an idea and put it out to friends and family I always hear some variation of the same excuses:

  • “wow that sounds awesome! I wish I could do that”

Then do it. Why would you talk about doing things and not do them? Life is too short. I truly believe that if you have the means and plan accordingly you can go anywhere. What is stopping you?

  • “I don’t have the money”

I am a teacher. I don’t make that much money, but I always make time for a getaway.  It may be a weekend trip with the kids or going to a spa with a friend.  I know that these trips take MONEY, but if you plan for them, you should have enough.I do know people who go into debt enjoying a vacation. I have never done that. If I cannot afford it. I. don’t. go

  • “oh..that place is dangerous”

I have never been afraid to go anywhere. I don’t exactly know why, but I have no anxiety when I am exploring. I just don’t think about it. I guess I feel like there is danger everywhere. I don’t think there are any countries that are outright hostile to travelers. The more I have traveled, the safer I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I will NOT be booking a flight to Afghanistan, but there are so many other options.

  • “I like just staying at home”

What? Staying at home I just do not understand. I grew up in a very small town where everyone knows your business.  As soon as I was college aged I left and never returned.  I could not wait to get out of there! I still have that feeling today. A trip to Target just does not cut it anymore. I want to see things, learn things, and experience things.

  •  ” I will go on vacation when my kids get bigger”

I also do understand the “kid factor” even through I do not have kids of my own.  But I think your kids are better off if you go and enjoy time away from them. Don’t you?

 I understand these are all legitimate reasons, but sometimes I still just do not understand them.  I am not being judgemental, just wondering why people do not travel more.
Why don’t you travel?