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3 Things I Did to Make TBEX in Toronto Happen!

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Toronto Postcard

I’ve come blogging with exciting news!

I’m going to Toronto!

That’s where TBEX, the Travel Bloggers Conference, is being held this year, and since I’ve launched, well, this travel blog, I thought it would be a good idea to meet fellow travel bloggers and see what the industry is all about.

I’ve been hesitant to register for some reason. I guess it was a combination of not wanting to travel alone (Jen can’t make it,) expense, and fear of the unknown.

I don’t know any other travel bloggers. I’m not sure what the conference is all about. Do I belong there? Will I feel out of place? Alone? Is it worth the money? The time? Etc., etc., etc.

I finally decided to go, and I embarked on a virtual journey to make TBEX in Toronto happen.

1. Flights

Have you heard of Hipmunk yet? It’s my new favorite way to search for air travel. It’s interface is so intuitive! And it displays massive amounts of filterable data in an easy-to-read graph structure.

Hipmonk Screen Shot

Hipmonk Screen Shot

THIS is what happens when visual designers and usability experts bang heads the right way. I was able to find multiple flight options from multiple airports all within the same result set.

I booked my flight on Air Canada.

Step 1 complete.

2. Hotel

Since the plane ticket costs more then I anticipated, I had to be a bit conservative on my hotel choice. I’ll be staying 3 nights and even with a conference rate, that adds up to a high bill and fast!

I checked out the conference lodging page and saw this…

tbex screen shot

tbex screen shot

A Backpackers Inn? Is that a hostel? I’ve never stayed in a hostel before! I think it’s about time to step out of my comfort zone yet again. For almost the same price of 1 night in a traditional hotel I was able to book all 3 at the Inn in a private room!

I booked it.

Step 2 complete.

This is really going to be an adventure!

3. Conference Registration!

I got so wrapped up in making travel arrangements I almost forgot to actually register for the conference. With a discounted rate of $97, I’m now registered for (as far as I know) the largest travel bloggers conference in the world.

Step 3 complete.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted as the trip approaches. This one is going to be a solo adventure!

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    March 9, 2013

    We're excited you'll be joining us in Toronto! We're a friendly bunch, I think you'll find. :) Come say hi at registration - and if you have questions beforehand, drop me a note. Reply


    March 9, 2013

    Sounds exciting. Great! Reply

    Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    March 10, 2013

    I see Jessica commented here - have you guys officially met? If not I definitely want to make sure two of my favorite peeps meet!!! Reply


    March 12, 2013

    Toronto, how exciting! My family and I spent some time there this summer after visiting Niagara Fall. Toronto is great! Definitely want to visit again and spend more time. Reply

    Niagara Falls Tour

    April 14, 2013

    Roni, Great to hear that you will be visiting Toronto for TBEX. Any chance you are available June 2rd for a Free Niagara Falls tour? We are sponsoring a Blogger tour and would love to have you. You can register here: http://tourism.to/tbex-niagara-falls-tour Reply