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Saturday SouL

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Bob and I like to go on rambling walks that go nowhere in particular. More often than not, we will end up talking about the little restaurant HE wants to open and end up looking at buildings in the city that would be perfect.

This past weekend, we were walking and talking when we came upon this new restaurant that was literally about two blocks from our home. It was called SouL.

soul1This little restaurant was instantly appealing to me because I LOVE soul food. I don’t know if  you have ever tasted a piece of cornbread that was baked in a cast iron skillet or some fried chicken (not KFC) that has been breaded and fried perfectly. And in case you did not notice, I married a man with a little bit of SOUL.


We were not really hungry but decided to go in to get a small lunch.


soul4Ok. Not so small.

This was Bob’s plate that was filled with jerk chicken, collard greens and rice. He ate every last bit of it. I had collard greens, baked barbecue chicken, candied yams and cornbread. I’ve never been to a restaurant that had the “fall off the bone” chicken. This chicken tasted like it was in a crock pot all day soaking in deliciousness!


This is me … stuffing my face. I was looking at the desserts that were on the counter: orange cake, sweet potato pie, and pineapple upside down cake.

I only ate about half of my chicken, collard greens, cornbread, and yams but can I say….

OMG. It. was. so.good.

It was just like how Bob’s mom makes soul food (sorry, mom). I pretty much knew that this was going to be my new comfort food go to place.

The atmosphere was simple, uncrowded, and “towny.”  It seems to me that everyone that came into the restaurant knew each other and it felt very welcoming . The average price was about $8.99 for a huge plate of food. SouL is a new restaurant that I really want to be successful.

The next time you are in downtown Lancaster and want some GOOD comfort food, I highly recommend SouL.

33 Ranck Ave.
Lancaster, Pa. 17602
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Read more: http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/798612_Soul-Restaurant-now-open-in-Lancaster.html#ixzz2Obf1ZKUg

Featured image courtesy of www.lancasteronline.com

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    March 26, 2013

    Oh my deliciousness! I'll have a plate of fried chicken and some baked mac n cheese, please! That place sounds amazing and by the looks of your husband's cleaned plate, it is. =) ~Krista Reply