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Sunday at Seaside

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Remember this?

(courtesy of CNN)

Last year was our first year staying at Seaside Heights as a family.  We stayed at this great condo with a pool, laundry, and only a few blocks from the boardwalk. Ever since I saw the devastation on the news, I have wanted to drive down and see it for myself.  I was compelled to be there.

So today was the day.

My dad and I made the 90 minute drive from his house to see what happend to out beloved beach and beach house. When we first arrived it did not look that bad. We found the beach house and parked out front. This is what we saw.


Thankfully the owner was there and was showing us around telling us the story. “We only had about 3 ft. of water, it was not that bad.” he told us.  He said he has to replace the pool, windows, drywall, and wiring. Honestly, he sounded very optimistic and excited about the summer coming up.  All I could do was think, “this poor city.”

He continued talking about all he has been through in the past few months not only fixing up the beach house, but his own house had 6ft. of water and he had to replace almost everything! Ugh. I cannot even imagine.

We got into the car and parked near the boardwalk. Most of the area was blocked off by huge sand dunes.

ssh2 I guess it is an attempt to try and keep people off the beach.

We finally were able to view the damage for ourselves.


ssh4But it was weird.

I didn’t feel sadness.

I felt optimistic and hopeful.

The boardwalk was being replaced.

Some businesses were open.

And the ocean was just gorgeous!

I will see you in July , we are COMING BACK!  You should too!





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