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Planning Summer Fun

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This summer I have so many fun things planned!

I’m a teacher and school ends on June 3. That gives me three months to relax and explore. My kids are getting older now. They have jobs and a social life giving me time for ME!

Starting the end of June, Roni and I will be traveling to Portland again for a very busy week!  As you may know, Roni is the creator and coordinator of Fitbloggin’! Luckily, I have been able to be by her side as her “assistant” for almost three years now. The conference has been in Baltimore for the past 3 years, but she decided to hop coasts and hold the conference in Portland, Ore.! I am so excited to go back. The last time we were there, we had a brief day to explore and saw a lot. This time I will be helping out with the conference and enjoying some down time in the evening. Maybe some exciting restaurants?

Only a couple days later I’m heading to Seaside Heights, NJ, for a week with the family.  This year we are taking Dad, my sister, niece and nephew, and, of course, the dogs.

Yes. The dogs. I try to take them everywhere.

Photo 2

I’m looking forward to spending some time cooking, walking on the boardwalk and relaxing on the beach. Stay tuned for some fun blog posts on a few things we will be doing at Seaside!

And yes, I am pretty sure Roni and I will be traveling to Chicago. The last week in July, we will spend a few days at the BlogHer conference.  This has been an annual “vacation” for us and we have been to almost every one for the past three years. Roni is speaking, again!

I have been to Chicago as a child because my dad lived there at one point. I think I was about 10 when I spent the summer there.  Unfortunately, the only memory I have is when my sister got her foot stuck in the bike spokes and we spent hours at the ER.

Fun times.

Anyway, I would also love to take some road trips with the husband. I have suggested a few to him already and some he’s actually excited about.

  • New York City
  • Pigeon Forge Tenn. (Dollywood)
  • Sandy Hook Beach (he loved that suggestion … don’t ask)
  • Connecticut to visit family
  • Dorney Park

I’m sure I’ll add a few more as the summer begins. I can’t wait for Summer!  Can you?

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    April 24, 2013

    Sounds like a fun summer! If you come to NYC give me a heads up...would love to see you. Sadly I'm missing FitBloggin and BlogHer this year...both conflict with family events. There is always next year! Reply