The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation: Day 1

The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation: Day 1

Growing up in Pennsylvania, there was no such thing as Spring Break, at least not until college. In grade and high school the only full week I remember having off was Christmas, and with all the hoopla of the holiday we never did anything out of the ordinary.

Now that I live in Maryland I’m experiencing Spring Break vicariously though my 7-year-old. Of course I still have responsibilities, but having him home is forcing me to change my schedule, and instead of fighting it, I decided to embrace and have a little fun.

Our goal: At least 1 fun thing a day.

Today we kicked off The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation with a little laser tag at Red Zone Adventures, but first Mom had to get some work done.

The morning was full of video game playing, a healthy lunch at home and then we were off!

I’m trying to keep money in mind each day. Not only to save (lunch out all week would get pricey!) but to also teach him everything actually does cost money. I’m not quite sure he gets that yet.

This week Red Zone was running a 2-for-1 spring break special: 2 games of laser tag and the laser maze was $12 per person. Add in 2 bottled waters, 2 air hockey games,

Red Zone Air Hockey

Playing air hockey at Red Zone with a friend.

and a few video games for $31.

On our way home we stopped for a cone at McDonald’s putting my total to about $33.

Not bad. My budget for the week is around $150. Pricey but cheaper than taking a 5-day vacation, that’s for sure!

Best thing of all: I get to spend time having fun with this guy before he gets too old to be seen with Mom.

Mom and Son at Red Zone

Waiting for laser tag to start at Red Zone

Note: No pics of us actually playing laser tag. It’s crazy in there! Red Zone runs a great laser tag game with good equipment and a nice arena, but be prepared to go deaf from the 2-3 simultaneous birthday parties happening at once.

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