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The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation: Day 2

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Dinosaurs at the Maryland science center.

It’s Day 2 of The 7-Year-Old’s Fabulous Spring Break Staycation and we were all about The Maryland Science Center.

The Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center

We headed out a little before 10 a.m. and the boys were ready!

Heading to the Maryland Science center

The boys in the car, ready to go.

The Science Center is in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area. It’s actually a cinch to get to and in a pedestrian friendly area. This is our second time there but it’s been a few years.

Our first stop was the dinosaur area.

Dinosaurs at the Maryland science center.

Dinosaurs at the Maryland Science Center.

2 year old looking at Dinosaurs at the Maryland science center

2-year-old looking at dinosaurs at the Maryland Science Center

Whoa. Dinosaurs.

Whoa. dinosaurs.

Then we headed upstairs to the kids’ area.


Max age here is 8. It’s really designed for the little ones with train tables, water play, and other interactive displays.

Kids area at the Maryland Science Center

The thing I love most about the Science Center is its high level of interactivity. There’s rarely a display that the kids don’t interact with in some way.

Looking Through Concave Glass

Looking through concave glass

They cover Earth Science, Life Science, Physics and Space. One of my favorites is the Body Exhibit.

Body Exhibit at the Science Center

Body Exhibit

We explored most of the center in a few hours, spending more time in some areas than others.

Bed of nails.

Bed of nails.

Visiting Saturn.

Visiting Saturn.

Lifting Body Weigh with Pulleys.

Lifting body weight with pulleys.

The views from the upper floors are fun, too.

View from the top floor of the Maryland Science Center.

View from the top floor of the Maryland Science Center.

We hung out by a window and enjoyed the snacks we packed. That’s when I ATTEMPTED to take a family shot.

Failed Family Shot

Failed family shot

Note to self: Next time you are taking a photo with the 2-year-old don’t say, “look up!”

When we left, I would have loved to take the boys on a stroll through the harbor,

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor

but it was just too darn cold, and honestly, the boys were too tired.

Tired after Maryland Science Center

Asleep in the car. :)

It was really a great day. I would honestly recommend The Science Center as a family stop in Baltimore City. Overall, it makes for a fun afternoon. I really only have 2 complaints:

  1. A few of the interactive kiosks are in need of repair.
  2. Some of the employees are unfriendly. Thankfully you don’t need to communicate with them much.

As for the cost, the base ticket price is $17 for adults and $14 for kids with the little ones under 3 being free. Not too too bad when you only have one kid to pay for. But I forgot about parking! That put today’s daily total to $56, way over my daily budget.

Staycation total cost so far is $89 leaving only $61. I’m going to be cutting it close with my $150 budget!

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    April 3, 2013

    These are such awesome ideas and I think it's so cool that you're staying on budget and being creative with it! I'm curious to see what's next! Reply