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The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation: Day 5

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It’s hard to believe it’s Friday already. Time sure did fly this week, and I can’t help but think all our plans and experiences accelerated things.

Today is officially our last day of the Spring Break Staycation, but we have quite a weekend planned with the circus on Sunday and possibly a movie Saturday night! I can’t help myself. I just love doing things!

Anyway, today started a little shaky. The 7-Year-Old wasn’t feeling too well and I was worried he wasn’t going to have a good time. He just wanted to veg on the couch playing video games and even asked if he could bring the iPad in the car on the way to the city. My response was:

“Why don’t you take the camera and you can snap some shots on our way.”

He immediately perked up and was excited to play with my camera again.

I think he's a natural!

I think he’s a natural!

I must admit, it’s nice to have another picture taker in the family!

Driving to Baltimore

Driving to Baltimore

By the time we got into the city he was moping again.

Moping 7 year old

Moping 7 year old

So I told him to take my picture.

My mopey face.

My mopey face.

Which started a back and forth face making photo-fest.


Not sure what to call this one.

You know I had to do it.

You know I had to do it.

His version.

His version.

Couldn't think of another one.

Couldn’t think of another one.

He cracks me up!

He cracks me up!

And just like that, the grumpy 7-year-old was no more. We got out of the car and headed to the Meyerhoff.

Oh! I didn’t tell you where we were going, did I?

I decided to do something out of my ordinary and see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. They have concerts during the day designed for kids, and today it was “Peter and the Wolf.”

I honestly had no idea what to expect, so this was an adventure for both of us. We arrived and the 7-year-old was immediately intrigued.

Inside the Meyerhoff waiting for Peter and the Wolf.

Inside the Meyerhoff waiting for ‘Peter and the Wolf.’

We were up in the box seats and someone REALLY liked the soft cushy seats.

Big Cushy Seats!

Big cushy seats!

The show started with that famous part of the “William Tell Overture” they play at horse races. It, of course, got all of the kids’ attention.

Then they brought a singer to perform Aaron Copland’s “I Bought Me a Cat,” which I never heard before! Apparently it’s a folk song from Kentucky that Copland arranged for piano and a solo singer. Like “Old MacDonald,” each verse introduces a new animal, and the singer makes the animal’s sound.

Very fun for the kids!

Then they played “Dance of the Little Swans” by Tchaikovsky.

All of the pieces were introduced by a wonderful narrator named Rheda Becker who gave great insight and kept the attention of the kids. 

She transitioned right into “Peter and the Wolf” and was joined by the Bob Brown Puppets to act out the story.

Someone was mesmerized.

Leaning forward in his seat.

Leaning forward in his seat.

About 3/4 of the way through, he turned to me and said, “I like this!

And so did I. It was very entertaining!

Our official review:

Thumbs up for the BSO!

Thumbs up for the BSO!

Definitely a thumbs up and worth $6 a ticket! That’s all it was, technically putting today’s total to $12, $1 over my budget of $150 for the week. However, I, Ms. Dingbat, forgot about parking, which cost me $2 in the meter, really putting me at $153 total for the week. Still, not bad for all we have accomplished and experienced. Money well spent if you asked me.

We headed out of the hall, and Ryan asked if we could go for lunch. I explained to him that we spent all our money for the week and that if he wanted to do that he’d have to work it off later. So we agreed on 2 specific chores so we can “earn” lunch.

I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do but I really didn’t want to stop hanging out with this guy in the city.

Waiting for lunch.

Waiting for lunch.

We were having so much fun!

So we went to a pizza joint a few blocks away and someone stole the camera again.

Me. :)

Me. :)

Our pizza came and we enjoyed a nice lunch together.

Pizza at Orioles.

Pizza at Orioles.

The perfect ending to our perfect week.

Officially I’m $10.50 over budget but I got a bathroom and living room cleaning out of the deal. Not a bad trade. ;)

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    linda noss

    April 6, 2013

    I love that you don't spend a bundle of money and yet you had a great time. Lessons every one can learn, children included! Reply


    April 6, 2013

    Roni, been following you forever and wanted to say that this post made the music teacher in me so happy!! Many kids don't have the opportunity to be exposed to music like your son did today. You may have just spouted a musical seed!! My best to you and your son!! Anne :) Reply


      April 6, 2013

      Your comment made me smile. I hope that seed did get planted. I want nothing more for him to have an appreciation for the arts, especially music! Reply


        April 8, 2013

        I second this!!! I'm a muaic teacher, too, and I'm SO thrilled that the Baltimore Symphony offers programs for kids like this one. I wish more places did!!! What a great thing for you to experience with your adorable boy. :) Reply


    April 6, 2013

    I love how well-rounded the week was. This band director was pretty happy to see the Finale day be at the symphony. Reply

    Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me

    April 9, 2013

    We did a staycation for our spring break last year and we had a blast! I love that you stayed close to home but still did fun stuff. We ended up going to the science center this year, too, but I don't enjoy it as much as you seemed to. : ) Reply