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Throwback Thursday: Hawaii 1991

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Roni: In 1991 I was 15. Jen was turning 16, and when she told me her dad was taking her to Hawaii I was ecstatic for her. When she asked me if I wanted to come, I was beyond shocked.

Actually, if I remember correctly, I was also nervous. I didn’t think there’d be any way in hell my mom would let me go.

But she did.

Flying to LA on way to Hawaii 1991

Flying to LA on way to Hawaii 1991 – Remember no cell phones back then. Mom didn’t see this until 3 weeks later when we developed the FILM! (Yes, we’re that old.)

Jen: I remember choosing Hawaii when my dad asked where I wanted to go because it was the farthest away.  I was a teenager who loved to travel. Roni was the one friend in high school I could always depend on. She was (is) the only person I would have taken on this trip. I knew at 15 we were perfect travel buddies.

Roni: Awwww Jen. You know the feeling’s mutual. I love you.

Nice lawn, why not?

Nice lawn, why not?

Weren’t we total cheese balls?

Outside of our hotel in Waikiki

Outside of our hotel in Waikiki

And apparently I was a blogger in training because I wrote a note on the back of each and every photo.

I'm impressed with the 15 year old me!

I’m impressed with the 15-year-old me! And I’m still a cheese ball!

Jen: That is so true. I just have all the photos in an album. Nothing exciting.

Roni: I’m SO glad I did because now I’m old and I don’t remember a darn thing!

Jen: Are you kidding? I remember a lot! It was the first long trip that I took.

Roni: Don’t get me wrong. I remember a lot! But none of the details like place names, dates, etc. Overall, the experience has stayed with me to this day.  This trip was a lot of firsts for me.

First time traveling without my mom.

First time cross country

First time off the continental U.S.

First time I saw the Grand Canyon (from the plane, but still!)



I do remember we stayed in a hotel with an amazing view of Diamond Head Mountain …


Too bad we didn’t have digital back then. We had no idea the shots weren’t coming out!

Jen: We were there over Thanksgiving break. I remember making Thanksgiving dinner that evening. The hotel was more like an apartment. Honestly, the view of Diamond Head kind of freaked me out. It was a HUGE volcano!

Roni: OMG I DO remember now that you said that. Man! I really do wish we had digital cameras back then. I would have photos of everything!

One of the first things I specifically remember doing and have photos of is wandering around The International Market Place.


2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Jen: We were there almost every evening to eat and shop.  My dad and uncle were masters at negotiating.  I bought a pearl ring there and many other dust collectors. I think I even bought a “hang loose” statue!  We loved to go because we were able to walk around by ourselves.  That was major.

Roni: Totally major! I remember feeling so grown up and independent. Especially since my parents weren’t there.

Pinky nail painting by very strange and outgoing man at the market place.


We met 2 Notre Dame Football players who were in town to play Aloha State. Notice my sweatshirt. These were my pre-ND fan days. :)

Jen: WOW. I remember meeting those football players.  I stalked them in the market and finally went up to them asking if they were Notre Dame players.  I think we even stalked them at the hotel across the street.  That was probably not smart. Later in the week (actually the day we were leaving) we even went to the Notre Dame football game verses the Rainbows. Some random man gave us tickets in the elevator.  I was so excited because I was a huge fan. Roni was still in denial.

Roni: That I was. Now I’m married to the biggest ND fan ever. Go figure.


Any excuse to take a photo!

According to my notes we also visited the Polynesian Cultural Center. This is one of those places I remember but wouldn’t have remembered, if THAT makes any sense.


Jen:  My dad wanted us to learn on our trip.  Ugh. But, this place was great! We had fun with our fanny packs, slouch socks, and white Keds. So cool.


Roni: You may have been cool. I was just dork in denial. lol  I remember watching the dancers, the food (of course), and the guy climbing the coconut tree. I also remember hanging out with your  dad, uncle and grandparents.


Jen: I guess my dad needed back-up. Taking two teenage girls on a cross-country trip must have been too much for him.

Roni: I can’t even imagine!

I do remember spending a day at the USS Arizona Memorial.


Jen:  At the time, I don’t think we understood the gravity of being in this place. We need to go back.

Roni: I agree, but I do remember being fascinated and awed there.

According to my notes, these next photos were all taken at Waimea Falls.



And one of my favorite spots was this beach on the North Shore.






It was the quintessential Hawaiian beach in my opinion.

Jen: Ditto.  We just walked around picking up lava rocks and examining the landscape.

I cannot believe this trip was 22 years ago.  We need to go back with our husbands and kids. I am so grateful that we are still traveling today.

Roni: Wait? What? It was 22 years ago! I didn’t do the math yet. That is blowing my mind!


I remember being awed that I was in Waikiki.


No idea where I took this from. My note just says “overlooking Waikiki”

Now I’m awed it was so long ago. Oh! and here’s the scary part. Your Dad was as old as we are now.



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    April 12, 2013

    SO CUTE! I love this post. Seeing you guys as teenagers (I was 19 in 191) is really cool. I've never been to Hawaii, but gosh I love the scenery there. So beautiful. I hope you guys DO go on a trip there soon with your families. Reply

    jennifer p

    April 12, 2013

    i was 19 in 91 too.so fun to see those pictures.i got a perm right before i started high school.i dont have to tell you how that worked out.i would love to go to hawaii one day.it looks so beautiful. Reply


    April 13, 2013

    Roni, I see how much Ryan looks like you in many of the pics! Reply

    Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    April 15, 2013

    Loved this story and telling through pictures. Makes me want to get a hold of mine (all sitting in storage back in the States). Reply


    August 2, 2013

    Awww, you writing this reminds me of me and my BFF. :) I love your friendship! (Me and my BFF were 16 in 1991.) Reply


      August 4, 2013

      It is great to have a friend that just "gets you". It is never perfect, but close. Reply


    August 2, 2013

    We are still BFFs now and also travel together. LOL. :o) Reply