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At The Theatre

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This week is our 3-year wedding anniversary and I’m still loving him to pieces!

To celebrate, I wanted to go to the local theater to see Dreamgirls.


We’ve gone once before, but  I vowed never to go with him again.  He fell asleep!


He promised he would stay awake with no complaints, so off we went.

The Fulton is a local theater built in 1860. It is a quaint little theater, not even 13,000 square feet.

I think a theater date is romantic. You sit close, it’s dark, and you can drink wine!  The architecture is also beautiful. As you walk in there’s a beautiful winding staircase and stained glass windows. The seating has beautiful details that make you want to look around and be nostalgic.



During the intermission, the husband was still awake!

He was actually enjoying the show.


Afterwards we walked across the street, hand in hand, and I turned around to snap this picture.


The show was FABULOUS!  I would HIGHLY recommend it.

For your next romantic evening, try the theater!

The Fulton Theater
12 North Prince Street
Lancaster,Pa. 17602


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    May 7, 2013

    Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous theater and such a great show. Reply