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Preparing for Portland

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Keep Portland Weird

On Tuesday I’m headed back to the West Coast to host FitBloggin’, a health and wellness bloggers conference I started in 2010. Even though this travel is the farthest thing from a vacation you can get   —  I easily pull 17-hour days during conference week — I’m still excited. Honestly, I LOVE every minute of it and to me travel, regardless of intent, is always an adventure.

Mom, Jen and I are flying out Tuesday afternoon from Philly and spending six night at The Nines hotel again. That’s about all I know at this point as I’ve been too wrapped up in conference planning to prepare myself for the trip!

Thankfully I don’t need much beyond a pair of jeans and my conference staff shirt. I do plan on getting a few runs in to save my sanity, so that’s running shoes, and a few shorts and tanks. Everything else falls into my generic “electronics” category.

I don’t know about you, but the amount of devices I bring on trips has gotten into the realm of ridiculousness.

There’s my phone, of course and it’s charging cord.

My iPod comes along as well because I’m a dork and don’t listen to music on my phone. Plus I use the old-fashioned Nike+ that connects to it to track my runs, which means I also have to bring the Nike+ sensor for my shoe, and headphones of course.

I can’t go anywhere without my DSLR camera even though I struggle between taking photos on it or my phone because of Instagram. With the camera comes a battery charger, too, because the one time I didn’t bring it, my battery died and I had to buy a replacement.

So far that’s 8 things I categorize as “electronics” and I didn’t even get to my laptop yet, which of course needs its power cord, and I always bring a thumb drive for emergency data transfers.

I may not be high maintenance when it comes to shoes or clothes but if my electronics bag goes missing, watch out! I’ll be on the war path!

Welcome to the 21st century, I guess.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and give a travel update. I’m hoping to do at least one blog-able thing while I’m there. I’ve padded the trip with one day at the end but I’m not sure what I’ll be up to doing after all the hoopla.

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