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Throwback Thursday: Jamaica in the Buff

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It was 2009 and this was our second trip to Jamaica.

Bob and I love Jamaica and I’d love to show you Jamaica, but unfortunately, we stayed at  a nude resort so we don’t have too many photos.

Yes…you are reading this correctly,


I was first introduced to this resort by my husband when we were dating.  I have always been open to new things but this was beyond O-P-E-N.

I decided to go. It’s in my nature to experience new things.

That morning we left Philadelphia with flip-flops, toothbrush and sunblock — and major anxiety.


Jamaica is a quick 3-hour plane ride.


View from plane

It’s just gorgeous!

I love the beautiful beaches, the music, the weather, and the food.


My husband likes the beautiful…people.



Anyway, the resort is NOTHING like you would assume.  I thought there were going to be beautiful, tan, fit-bodied people all over the place. In reality everyone was normal, having normal conversations about kids and grocery shopping, with normal bodies!

I instantly felt comfortable and thought, “Well, when in Rome….


While in Jamaica, we did go off resort and explore.  I am not one to do the typical Dunnes River Falls, so we decided on something different.


They actually have a place called Mystic Mountain where you can bobsled!!!


Remember this?


The ride was awesome but the path to get to the top of the mountain was a little scary.  They put you in a ski lift and send you straight up the mountain.

No seatbelt. No front harness. Just you, hanging.



We also went zip-lining.


The zip line was through the jungle and the views were breathtaking.


I think it made me forget how scary this really was.

At the end of the 5 days I wanted to stay.  I felt like a new woman.

I know this is going to sound weird, but I left with a renewed sense of confidence. Many women have body image issues including me, but in Jamaica I felt free.


I just loved it.

Please don’t hesitate to try new things even though they may seem awful, different, or even scary.  Jamaica was a great experience for my husband and me. A nude beach is nothing to be scared of. It wasn’t even what the website made it out to be. All I saw were normal people with normal lives. Although I am SURE things went on behind the scenes I don’t want to know about.


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