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Family Rules At The Beach

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UGH. I need a vacation from my vacation. Have you ever felt this way?

This year we ventured for the second time to Seaside Heights for the week.


The husband, kids and I had a great time last year and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Maybe we should all go!” said dad.

It will be so much fun if we went together the same week!” said sister.

The last time my WHOLE family and I went on a vacation together was 1993 and it was NOT fun. So when it was suggested we go together again, I had to do some quick thinking.

These are the rules we came up with for our weeklong beach trip:

  1. Each family would stay in their OWN rental.  The different personalities and different age groups of kids demanded this.  It would help keep us from not killing each other. Besides, no one wants to stay with dad. He smokes.
  2. We would and could do our own thing. Each family did what they wanted to do!
  3. We would cook meals together and share the responsibility. This is a challenge as we all have very different tastes.
  4. I would not comment. Yes. ME. I have a tendency to say exactly what is on my mind and sometimes it doesn’t go over too well. (OK, maybe this was my personal rule.)

It actually turned out great!

No fighting — can you believe it? We each did our own thing and we cooked together, but Dad pretty much took over the kitchen.

Here are some photos of our family week!

Our ride down to the beach was a little squished. Two kids, two dogs, and all our stuff. This is Cammee sleeping.


Our first full day was spent on the beach. We spent every day on the beach together.


The teenagers came once.

That night we hit the boardwalk.  It is brand new (after hurricane Sandy) and smells like fresh cut wood.  The energy was the same and we were so excited to be there!



The rest of the week was spent doing most of the same. Beach to pool.



One night Bob and I took the kids to Atlantic City.

photo-1Jess and Tom went to see the Jersey Shore house and to the Jenkinson’s Aquarium.



Dad … well, most days he sat on the beach all day, went home, had a scotch, and went to bed.

seaside dad


We did take a quick trip up to Long Branch on a rainy day to visit some dear friends. It was a blast and dad was grinning the entire time!


All in all, it was a great week and each of us had a great time! We are planning to go again next year.

What are your family beach stories?


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    Joseph Welch

    July 16, 2013

    Just for everybody's clarification, I cooked the first 3 days, and did not drink scotch the whole time. I had beer and vodka. Since the family got up around 11, I went to the beach after walking the dogs with my son-in-law's at 6am and read my book on my new kindle, which I recommend until they got up. Great time. Reply

    sheri j

    July 17, 2013

    Sounds like a great trip! Love that your dad chimed in! Sitting on the beach is so relaxing... Reply