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Anniversary in the Air

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Roni: Jen and I are toasting on a Southwest flight to Nashville. It’s been a year since we launched TheUnworldlyTravelers and just 3 days since returning from Chicago for BlogHer. I’ve written 48 posts and traveled to 13 spots including my first overseas trip to Italy.

Holy crap.

I started this blog to inspire myself and others to travel more.

I think it’s working.

Jen: What are you talking about? I can’t believe I’m even blogging! I’ve figured out WordPress, Photoshop, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Roni: lol I knew I’d turn you into a geek sooner or later.

Jen: In traveling I’ve hiked mountains, flown nearly every airline, and drank more coffee than I’d like to admit.

Roni: Travel has always been in our blood, we just now have an outlet to share our passion.


Looking back through the past year, these are our favorite posts and a quick note why…

Jen’s Favorites

Solo In Central Park

This was the first time I embarked on a trip by myself with a purpose to capture it for the blog. Plus it was the first time I was in Central Park!


A Night at the Nines

My omg-I’ve-never-been-in-a-hotel-like-this moment.

Jaw Dropping Room!

Jaw Dropping Room!

Why Didn’t I Go?

Pretty self-explanatory. Vacation regret.

Street Shot

Street Shot

Jamaica in the Buff

I put myself out there and wrote about something that many people didn’t know I did.



Roni’s Favorites

Burning Lips Boonrasa

I love finding hole-in-the-wall, amazing food restaurants. This one is tops for me.

Burning lips at Boonrasa

That’s a Passport in My Hands

It may not be a big deal for others but getting my passport was very symbolic for me.

Photo on 2012-08-14 at 08.54 #4

Our DC Daycation 

My first trip alone with both boys.

family shot

Being Married to a Non-Traveler

I’m very grateful to be married to a very supportive husband even though I wish he traveled more.

Me and my non-traveling husband

Me and my non-traveling husband

Giving the Gift of Travel

Very emotional for me.


The 7-Year-Old’s Spring Break Staycation

My favorite series of posts I hope to repeat yearly.

Waiting for lunch.

Waiting for lunch.

Road Tripping to Vermont

He may not get on a plane but he’ll drive anywhere!

The Husband Quit Happy with the Lunch at PJs B-B-QSA decision

The Husband Quite Happy with the Lunch at PJs B-B-QSA decision.

Our Collaborations

9/11 World Trade Memorial

Very emotional for both of us.

Jen looking at the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial

Bands of Our Yesteryear

Best gift ever? Making you feel old.


1 Ocean 2 Views

Showcasing our VERY different opinions on beach vacations.

Throwback Thursday: Hawaii 1991

Where it REALLY all started.

Nice lawn, why not?

Nice lawn, why not?

A Mile at Multnomah

We always find a way to squish in an adventure even though some of us can’t make it up the hill.


We are amazed at what we accomplished this year and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Oh! And in case you’re wondering about our beverages of choice for the toast…


Tomato juice and ginger ale. They’re the same drinks we both ordered on our trip to Hawaii in 1991. I’m going to bet you can guess who’s who by the manicure.

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