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My Six-City Summer

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She's in HEAVEN right now.

This week I am heading back to school after an AWESOME summer.  I have mixed emotions of both dread and excitement.

I will miss my travel-filled summer. The lazy days at the beach to the miles and miles of city streets that I walked.  I was thinking last night that I have been to six different cities and towns this summer.


Here are some of my favorite memories …

Portland, OR

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Portland Weird

This city was my favorite. Besides the many hours I spent inside at the FitBloggin’ conference, I still managed to get out and explore. One thing that I will never forget about the city is that they have no air conditioning … anywhere!  The city just never gets HOT like it does on the East Coast. Ironically when we were there, it was unseasonably HOT. Roni and I went shopping one afternoon at a local Marshall’s and it was at least 90 in the store. I could not even shop! That evening we decided to go and see a movie and the theater did not have air conditioning! Holy hot box!

Seaside Heights, NJ


This was our second year at the beach as a family.  This year was fun, but definitely different.

We officially have teenagers.

They did not want to be with us. They did not want to talk to us. They did not take their eyes off their phones. It was just Bob and I alone most of the time.  I guess our “family” vacations are officially over. It was nice to not have to deal with kids, but I did miss them.


Chicago Pizza

What an awesome city! Roni and I were here for the BlogHer conference. The best memory I have was walking blocks to find an authentic Chicago pizza place. This was not just pizza. This was the best damn pizza I have ever had!  I am not exaggerating. It was that good.


She's in HEAVEN right now.

She’s in HEAVEN right now.

Considering we were only there for two days, we saw and did a lot. Roni does not like country anything. I love country everything. My best memory of this trip is that Roni let me LOVE country.  I know this sounds weird, but she never once said; “I don’t want to do that” or ” Why do we have to go into a boot and hat store?” She just let me explore and came along for the ride. I don’t know if I could have been so open to something that I really did not like. She helped me have fun on this trip.

New York City


I have been to NYC hundreds of times.  We live only three hours away so we go up there all the time.  Every time we are there I try and do something different.  This time it was just my husband and I.  We went to the Sex Museum, explored Washington Square, and ate lunch at Peanut Butter and Co. The best memory is sitting in Washington Square talking.  We sat there for hours watching people and discussing whatever came to mind.

Red Bank, NJ


This was part of my “last hoorah” weekend before school. We stayed at the Molly Pitcher Inn and went to the beach in Sandy Hook,NJ. This little town is important to me because my parents once lived here when I was about 2 or 3.  They always talked about how they lived on the beach and walked to the Windmill for ice cream. So, while I was in town we walked to the beach and ate a burger at the Windmill.  It was weird to think that this is a place of happiness for my parents because they were divorced only three years later. It made me smile.

I have learned and experienced many things this summer. Some good travel experiences and some personal realizations.  Sometimes travel can take you to a thinking place. You evaluate how lucky you are and how many places you have yet to explore.

Hopefully during the school year we can fit in more adventures.

I have some good places in mind …


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    August 26, 2013

    Looks like you had a very nice summer! Love all the pictures and the little snippets about each place. I live in Washington state, so I'm all too familiar with the no A/C thing. We've been broiling here all summer with unseasonable heat. Ugh. Reply