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Our Chicago Pizza Party

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Our Small Half "Lou" half The Malnati Chicago Classic

Jen: Pizza.

The. Best. Food. Ever

I thought I knew what good pizza tastes like.  I have had the best in many cities, but this pizza in Chicago was the best I have ever had.  Honestly, I don’t think they should even call it a pizza because it was more than a pizza. I don’t even have words for how to explain it.

It was THAT good.

Roni: Whoa, Nelly.

I totally agree pizza is the best food ever, but Chicago pizza? The best you ever had?

Let’s not forgot my family is from Brooklyn, NY. Home of the THE NY pizza.

Let’s start from the beginning and tell them the whole story before we go and make such claims.

Jen: OK, OK, but it was really THAT good!

As usual, Roni and I asked the locals which pizza place was the best to go to while we were in Chicago.  There were many opinions because, well,  there are many pizza places.  I think we decided on this one because it was in walking distance of the hotel and it just sounded very Italian.

We found it! Lou Malnati's!

We found it! Lou Malnati’s!

Roni: If I remember correctly it got the most “votes.” More people mentioned this place then any other.

Jen: The menu was pretty normal for a pizza place. Pizza, salad, and some sides.  We decided to start with a salad because well … we were starving.

Lou Malnati's Menu

Lou Malnati’s Menu

Roni: Well, that and I thought vegetables would do us good considering we were about to pig out on pizza.

Jen: We ordered the Malnati salad, which had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, crumbled Volpi salami and Gorgonzola cheese with a sweet vinaigrette and Romano cheese. It was so good.

The Amazing Malnati Salad Salad!

The Amazing Malnati Salad Salad!

Roni: Good? It was amazing! I believe you even said, “Lick the plate good.

We were so sad it was gone.  :(

We were so sad it was gone. :(

Jen: Yup, and that’s when it happened.

We were having a conversation about what a great location this pizza place was and how excited we were to eat the pizza and I look over and see this …

Me TRYING to lick the Malnati Salad plate for the photo. I suck at posing.

Me TRYING to lick the Malnati Salad plate for the photo. I suck at posing.

Yep. That’s Roni licking the plate.  I have NO IDEA what made her think this was OK. But there she was.

Roni: LMAO, you crack me up. YOU gave me the idea, silly. I’m all about that the photo op for the blog.

Jen: I took the photo and we were hysterically laughing.

Roni: We have too much fun together.

Jen: Anyway, then it happened (which took longer than I thought). The pizza came out and we each took a slice.

Our Small Half "Lou" half The Malnati Chicago Classic

Our Small Half “Lou” half The Malnati Chicago Classic

Roni: We decided to order the small (serves2-4) and halved it with both of their specialty pizzas. The “Lou” and The Malnati Chicago Classic.

Slice of the The "Lou"

Slice of the The “Lou”

Jen: Oh. My. Goodness.

I took my first bite and instantly fell in love.

Have I mentioned that it was THE BEST pizza I have ever had?  (I am still thinking of it right now.)

Jen's OMG this is SO good face!

Jen’s OMG this is SO good face!

Roni: You did mention it, remember?

Unlike Jen I didn’t  think it was THE BEST pizza I’ve ever eaten. Don’t get me wrong, it was a mound of  cheesy  goodness! But far from the best pizza experience I’ve had.

Jen: Whatever, it was good!

The close-up — I’m just sorry you can’t smell it!

Slice of The Malnati Chicago Classic

Slice of The Malnati Chicago Classic

Roni: The Malnati Chicago Classic, the meat-based one, was my favorite.

Jen: Overall, The Malnati experience was a great one.

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great company.

Roni: Now that I can TOTALLY agree with!

Jen: And it was not that expensive. Remember we had two drinks, a huge salad, and some pizza. Not bad.

Not too bad for our stuffed bellies!

Not too bad for our stuffed bellies!

Roni:  Our drinks were water but, yeah, not bad at all. We ate most of the pie, but we could have split that pie with a third person and still have been satisfied.

Jen: It doesn’t matter, just go to Chicago and get this pizza!

There are several locations, but this is the one we went to.

1120 N. State St.
(at State & Rush)
Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: 312.725.7777


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    September 6, 2013

    I've never had Chicago pizza but I must agree with Roni...NY Pizza is the best! I've never had Brooklyn pizza which is just ashame. I'm a Queens/Manhattan girl...you'd think I'd venture to Brooklyn once in awhile. LOL Reply


    September 6, 2013

    It's 10 am and I'm jonesin for that pie! What a thing of beauty. I've got homemade sauce simmering on the stove right now (making lasagne later) so reading your blog and smelling my sauce was kind of awesome, I must say. =) Reply


      September 11, 2013

      I know how you feel. I was writing the post and searching on google to see if it was a chain. I was hoping they had one in PA. No luck. Reply


    September 6, 2013

    We have yet to find the BEST Chicago pizza. Giordanos is NOT the best, and Ginos East isnt close. Im glad you listed this. Reply


      September 11, 2013

      Thanks Deb! Try it and let us know. Reply


    September 8, 2013

    I have eaten there! It was great pizza! Reply