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Electronics Can Stay On!

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Friday was a good day for travel.

It was announced that you no longer have to turn off your electronic devices when the plane is taking off!

Apparently reading your Kindle, listening to an iPod, or playing a game on your phone no longer interferes with air traffic control.

I just have to say it.

No crap.

Almost every plane trip Roni and I have taken, we always get yelled at. There’s always some crazy flight attendant who is the “electronics patrol” giving us dirty looks.  They tell you multiple times you need to turn off your devices while sitting on the runway for 45 minutes bored out of your mind.

Then you hide it inside your sweatshirt and continue listening.

You KNOW you’ve done it.

I never really believed  my little iPad can interfere with the air traffic control.  I mean, REALLY. Think about it.

Now I can listen to music as we are taking off.  I can watch a movie without being interrupted. And most of all I can play Words With Friends!

Now if only they had free alcohol.

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