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Run Vegas

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photo 4-01

There is a point in your life when you can’t go to Vegas for the parties and drinking anymore.Vegas in your late-30s is a lot different than your 20s.

I had this overwhelming urge to see a show and take a nap.  Not the way I remembered it when I went in my 20s.

This time we went for the Rock and Roll Marathon.  My husband was running the half marathon and I was going to cheer him on — and to get the #!@$ out of Lancaster. We flew in on Friday night and had an amazing view out of our window.

photo 1-01

We stayed at the  Paris hotel.  It was gorgeous!  The view from our room was awesome.  Bob spent a lot of time looking out the window…

photo 3-01

I was looking at the Eiffel Tower from bed. I was exhausted.

The next morning we got up bright and early to hit the town!  It was 5:30 a.m. (because we were on Eastern time) so all we saw were the people coming out of the clubs.

photo 1-01

You know you’re old in Vegas when you say out loud, “What are these kids thinking?

Then I caught myself. Hmm. Did I just say that?

We ended up grabbing a coffee and exploring some hotels that were within walking distance.

photo 3-01

Later in the day we decided to call up a local friend to get lunch.  It is ALWAYS good to know a local.  I wanted to go off strip so we went to a small restaurant. I can’t tell you where it was, but the food was really good.

photo 2-01 I ordered pizza. The boys ate stromboli.

photo 3

Then we got a quick driving tour of Vegas.  Loved it.

We finished the evening with a night out together and an evening show at New York, New York called Zumanity.  It was awesome!

photo 2-01

photo 3-01

The next day was race day and we were tired. I think  the jet lag was finally hitting me.  All I wanted to do was sleep.

Bob wanted to eat.

So off he went to a all you can eat buffet with our Vegas friend.  I had some alone time to wander around the hotel and get some breakfast.  It was a croissant filled with sausage. Ugh … not the best. But the people watching was great!

photo 5-01

I love alone time on vacation.

photo 2-01The race was’t until 4:30 so we just relaxed.

Around 3, we met up with my cousin and his wife.  They were running and headed to the start line.

photo-01Jerry and I headed to the bar.

photo 4-01

What else could we do while waiting?

photo 5-01

Here are some photos of the race. They did awesome and had a great time.

photo 1-01

photo 2-01

photo 3-01

We had an awesome time.  If we go back, we need to take a large group of friends with us.

Anyone want to come?

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    Suzie Quaterno

    December 2, 2013

    There are so many ways to know you are getting older and I think you found the biggest one in Vegas! At +50 though I remember +30 as a golden time of huge vigor so make the most of it!!! Reply