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The Smallest. Bathroom. Ever.

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My unsolicited advice to anyone who is building or designing a bathroom in a hotel suite …


Really. This was by far the worst hotel bathroom I have ever been in. And it was a suite!

Recently, Roni and I went to Denver to scope out two hotels for Fitbloggin’15. The second hotel we stayed at was the Sheraton in downtown Denver. It’s important for the hotel to be nice because we will be bringing 300 people with us!

Overall, the hotel did have some great features:

A beautiful lobby.

photo 4-01

Great room. (Excuse the traveling mess.)

photo 2-01

photo 1-01

Beautiful views.

photo 1-01

Great location. (That is frost on the window… it was negative 8.)

photo 4-01

But the horrible bathroom really turned me off.

photo 3-01

photo 2-01

Usually Roni and I can get ready in the morning without any difficulty.  She showers, I put on my makeup.

This time we had to do everything in shifts.

I don’t know how else to describe this horrible, teeny bathroom except to show you.


This bathroom totally turned me off to the entire hotel.  It’s funny how one little thing can give you a bad taste in your mouth. The bathroom in a hotel in important to me. I take two showers a day (at least) and have to have the room to get dressed.

There was noooo room.

Never again.

I love you Sheraton, but you really need to do something about that bathroom. Really.

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