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New York City With a Newbie

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photo 3

Ah yes, the joy of traveling to New York City with a 10-year-old who has never been there on July 4th.

The sister and I decided that July 4th would be a good day to take my niece to New York City for the first time.  At first, I thought she was crazy for wanting to go to the city on a holiday, but I am always up for a “travel challenge.”

You know, the kind of challenge that you KNOW is probably going to turn out bad but you do it anyway. I love those.

But it turned out to be an awesome day!

It even started out awesome when we drove to the Trenton Transit Center to take the train and found out that any child under 12 is FREE. Bo-nus! We did not have to pay for the kid!  This put my sister in a good mood already and we did not even leave the train station!

Needless to say, my niece was very excited about taking the train, which was also a first.

jilian train She just sat there looking out the window the entire time yelling; “look at that” and “what is that?”

photo 1

As we got closer to NYC I told her we would be going through the tunnel and it was underwater. She looked at me with a puzzled face and asked if we would see fish. I knew this would be a perfect time to mess with her and told her that if she looked closely, she might be able to see some.  This is her looking for fish.

photo 3

Don’t worry. She did not fall for it for too long.

When we got to the city, she was surprisingly comfortable. No fear, just excitement. So was my sister! It was now my job to be the tour guide.  This is a quick picture diary of what we did the entire day.  It was so much fun seeing my niece experience a new place.

Times Square (which was not crowded at all)

photo 1

Toys R Us. There was no one in the store. The sister had to take 6 pictures of Jilian in the store, which was incredibly annoying considering there are many other exciting things to take pictures of in NYC besides the giant Transformer. UGH.

toys r us

photo 4On to The American Girl store.  She freaked. It was so cute.

photo 5

photo 4Posing by the fountain at Radio City Music Hall.

photo 2

Getting some candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

photo 2

And finally riding the subway downtown to the World Trade Center Memorial. Or as my niece calls it, “the sub.” (dork)

photo 3

Being at the Word Trade Center is always emotional for me. I don’t know if she truly understood what happened here.

photo 4

Unfortunately, I did not get into the museum because there was a long line and it was pouring rain.  Next time.

Pouring rain = taking shelter in the closest hotel and relaxing with a hot tea.

photo 5

And maybe a little shopping.

photo 3

A quick look at the Statue of Liberty before heading back uptown for home.

photo 1

Although it rained, we had a fantastic day. My feet hurt, we were all tired, but we will always remember her first trip to the city.

photo 2

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