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Voluntourism?? Who knew.

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This term is defined as a : Voluntourism: the practice of taking a holiday which combines leisure and sightseeing with the opportunity to work for a charity or other worthwhile cause. www.voluntourism.org I think when we go on a vacation, especially to another county, we ALL think about this but do we ever DO IT ? […]

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Nighttime New York Camera Play

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Tonight we strolled through the streets of New York on a hunt for Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was a nice excuse to leave the hotel after a long conference day. Here’s some shots I took along the way. Tomorrow I hope to make it to MoMA.

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Solo in Central Park

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Instead of taking a nap, I decided to walk .  I realized that I have been to New York MANY times and have never walked through Central Park…weird.  So….when I looked at the hotel window and saw trees, I decided this was going to be my afternoon adventure.  It could not take me more then […]

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Road Tripping to NYC

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Why oh WHY did I decide to drive to NY from Baltimore? Jen warned me. She wanted to take the train and normally I am a train person but for some reason I just didn’t want to deal with mass transit. I just wanted to hop in the car and go. Speaking of, have you […]

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Hibernating at the Sushi Den!

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Walked two blocks , made a right and saw this sushi place that Roni and I decided to try.  It was literally four blocks from the Hilton and was a “local” place.  We definately are not the FORMAL type. The menu was fairly normal with the california roll, spicy tuna rolls, and even a crunchy […]

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