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The Golden Golden Gate Bridge

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Reminiscing about my weeklong road trip in California with the 8-Year-Old brings nothing but a smile to my face. Actually, there is a song that will forever bring me straight back to our CA road trip. It was not only the first song we heard in our rented Mustang convertible but the radio seemed to have […]

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From San Francisco to Los Angeles: A Pacific Coast Adventure!

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We did it! We cruised the Pacific coast and it was an amazing adventure! It all started with a flight to San Francisco. I love watching the 8-Year-Old on the plane. I’m hoping all these adventures help combat the inherited fear of flying from Dad. We landed and picked up our rental car. How could […]

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It happened. A throwback vacation memory. I was taking a shower this morning and got annoyed at the husband when he opened the door and a big gust of  cold air entered the room.  My shower curtain blew into me and stuck to my body. Several times. Annoying. After a few minutes I started to smile. […]

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Playing at Pechanga

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This past weekend I had a chance to stay and play at Pechanga Resort and Casino while in Temecula CA for a running event. I had NO idea what to expect. The hotel was one of a dozen or so listed on the event’s site and when I saw “casino” in the name I was […]

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A Willful Weekend Getaway

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I’m learning something about travel. Actually, it probably relates to just life in general, but I’m going to focus on travel specifically because, well, this is a travel blog. When I was a little younger I thought a lot about what I wanted to do. I’d make lists of places I wanted to see, things […]

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