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Excursion-less Bermuda

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Map of Bernuda.

Last month (I can’t believe it’s been a month already!) The Husband and I embarked on a 7-day cruise to Bermuda. We came home with some strong opinions on cruising, but I never got a chance to tell you about the rest of the trip!

When we docked in King’s Wharf, we decided to explore on our own. All the excursions seemed overpriced for what they were offering and, frankly, the Husband and I wanted to be free of agendas and schedules.

At first we just wandered around the Royal Naval Dockyard but there really isn’t much there except a museum and small shopping mall.

map of royal dockyard in Bermuda

So we headed into the visitor center, grabbed a map, and asked a few questions.

Map of Bernuda.

The island is so small you would think it’s pretty easy to get around but its shape makes it cumbersome. However, it does have good public transportation, which includes buses and ferries. An all-day-ride-what-you-want pass was $15 or $25 for two days.

We decided to grab the two-day deal and hopped on a bus toward Hamilton.  It was quite packed.

Crowded Bus in Bermuda

But some of the views were jaw dropping!

View of Bermuda from the bus.

We got off the bus at Horseshoe Bay. It was abut halfway to Hamilton.

Horseshoe Bay Sign

We fell in love.

Panoramic of Horseshoe bay in bermuda

Click image to see full size.

The crystal-clear water, the pink sand, the nearby rocks — the whole scene was heaven. There was even a little cafe and bathrooms on-site. A perfect spot for a day at the beach.

It was getting late so we decided to hop back on the bus to see Hamilton with plans on returning tomorrow.

We made it to Hamilton with a couple of hours to walk around…

Hamilton Bermuda

before hopping on the ferry back to the mothership.


The next day we packed up for a day at the beach with high hopes but the weather just wasn’t as nice as it was the day before. 

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda - overcast

Don’t get me wrong, still gorgeous! Just not the sunny, beach day we were hoping for.

We still explored. Climbing to enjoy the views.


Getting a vantage point is a must for me on vacation. I don’t care if it’s an ancient bell tower, a modern observation deck, a memorial arch, or a hike up a mountain, I’m climbing it.


Normally I’m alone taking selflies, so it was nice to have The Husband there to capture me at the top. Speaking of, climbing is NOT his thing so I was proud of him for again going out of his comfort zone on our vacation — click here for last year’s comfort-zone shove.


We spent a few more hours exploring and chilling on the beach. I did go in the water for a few minutes (I HAD to) but it was too chilly to enjoy swimming.

I’m sure there were some super fun things we could have done on a Bermuda excursion but for less than the cost of one excursion, we got to spend the day at the beach, walk around the  capital, and enjoy a ferry ride. Being on the island for such a short time it’s really all I could have asked for.

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    June 3, 2014

    I like the bus and do-it-yourself idea! When we've been on cruises, we've just asked a taxi driver to take us to the beach and stay for the day but...my brother-in-law was telling me about a scam where the taxi driver charges you $10 to get there and then says it's $50 to get back. We never ran into that problem but the bus would solve that. Great photos! Reply

    Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me

    June 4, 2014

    I wanted to go to Horseshoe Beach but we just ran out of time. It looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you enjoyed it there! Reply