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My Unusual Packing Items

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I only have two more full days of school left.

Only. Two. Days.

It has been a trying and yet rewarding year of third graders that is coming to an end,  which only means one thing.

Vacation time for ME.

The husband and I are leaving for Cancun Mexico on Thursday morning and it cannot come soon enough. I have been making a list of things I want to take because,  unlike Roni, I don’t pack the night before.  I  start a week before!

As the husband was reading my list, he just looked at me and said; “Some of this is unusual. Why do you take this stuff?”

I don’t think anything I take is that crazy.  I’m not an over-packer but there are definitely things I take other people may not.  Here is my list so far:

1. Coochy Shave Creme is a MUST if you are going to a beach.  This stuff is AMAZING.  When you shave with it  there are NO bumps on your …well…coochy. You can also use it as a hair conditioner! The one problem is they do not sell it at Walmart or CVS, you have to go to a porn store to get it which is an adventure in and of  itself. ( I send the husband in so I don’t see any students…lol)  Oh and you can order it online.

2. Vacation hat.  This could be any large brimmed hat.  The husband always gets a cowboy hat because he thinks it looks HOT and he’s right.

photo 3

He got that one at Target.

3. A cup with a lid.  This tradition started the last time we went to Mexico.  They were selling plastic cups with lids so you can put drinks in.  It works out great!  You hand your cup to the bartender, he fills it. Simple and saves the environment. Now I pack my own. Weird?

photo 4

4. bandelettes You have to get these if you plan on wearing a dress and your inner thighs rub together.  It is way too hot to be wearing Spanx in Mexico. I have two pair.  The best things ever!

5. Bug spray. A must in the Caribbean.  They have lots of spray now that does not smell like bug spray.

photo 1

6. Nail polish. When you are in the pool for 10 hours, your toe nail polish starts to peel off.  Take it in case you need a touch up.

7. Band-aids.  I always have a few in my bag. Just in case.

8. Deck of cards.  I usually have these for the plane, but sometimes they come in handy at the pool for an imprompt drinking game.

9. Small recycle bag from Old Navy.  I pick up one of these little wonders every year. They are very small, water proof, and big enough to hold your sun block and a few small items. Perfect for the pool.

10. A few packets of cotton underwear.  The last time we were in Mexico I ended up talking with the waitress that served us every morning for breakfast. She was  kind and very soft spoken. The resort frowned upon tipping but I wanted to do something for her.  I asked her what she would want that I can get her and she very simply said,”cotton underwear.” I asked her for her address and told her I would mail her some.  When I got home,  I sent her the underwear. To this day, I hope she got them.

Do you think this list is unusual?  What do you pack that may be unusual?

photo 2

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There are 6 comments so far. Join in on the conversation.


    June 19, 2014

    I just ordered some Bandelettes! Genius!! I hate always wearing Spanx under my cute sundresses. I can't wait to try these out. Probably the most unusual thing I pack is a carry on of food! I have a picky 7 year old, I am vegan and my husband doesn't care for airplane food. So I usually pack a small carry on full of healthy snacks. On our flight home from Arizona in February I packed sweet potato/avocado wraps for my husband and I. Oh and I always have a few plastic grocery bags in my carry on and my luggage for trash. Have an awesome trip!! Reply

      Amy @ A Little Nosh

      July 7, 2014

      Aimee...I am so glad you ordered Bandalettes. They are a life saver for me at the beach and on vacation. I have even used them for work. I do not think packing snacks is unusual. Every time I go to Jamaica or an island I always pack instant oatmeal and maybe some granola bars. I also do pack grocery bags for my dirty laundry!! I forgot about that great tip! Keep traveling! Reply


    July 1, 2014

    So, I bought Cootchie on eBay since you spoke so highly of it. It is INCREDIBLE! I always had to wait a few days between shaving my armpits because the razor burn hurt so bad, but I've been able to shave them every day now. Thanks for the recommendation!! Reply


      July 7, 2014

      I wish every girl knew about this product. It is a life saver! Thanks for reading!! Reply

    Mindy Lee

    August 1, 2014

    I am getting bandelettes and maybe coochy! Interesting about the cotton undies! Do they not sell cotton undies there? Do they not sell undies at all? What an interesting request... Reply


    August 5, 2014

    One thing I LOVE to take on group trips is a blank photo mat. Everyone who goes on the trip signs it, may writes a little memory on it, then you take a picture from the trip and frame it with the mat. It keeps the memory alive with a personal touch! Reply