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25 Things You Can Do On Staycation

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Two years ago I wrote a post called 5 Reason Why You Should Schedule a Staycation Today! In it I set a goal to take a 1-day staycation every 3-4 months with The Husband. Well, we started off good but life, as it normally does, has gotten in the way. It’s time to bring back the regularly scheduled staycation.

For The Husband and I this mean NO KIDS. A staycation is a day for us to reconnect. Of course you could also schedule a family staycation — I’ve done them with my son — but I feel they are sometimes more important for adults, regardless if you have kids or not.

To inspire us I sat down and started to make a list of all the things we could do locally. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

  1. Watch old movies all day in bed.
  2. Go bowling — lots of alleys have great deals during the day!
  3. Take a hike — check out TrailLink to find trails in your area
  4. Have a picnic — all you need is a blanket and a few sandwiches!
  5. Play tennis at a local park  — one of our favorites
  6. Go see a matinee — much cheaper and no crowds!
  7. Go window shopping — a rare treat for those with younger kids!
  8. Visit a local museum — when was the last time you did that?
  9. Read — without being interrupted
  10. Golf or mini golf — both work
  11. Geocaching — have you tried it?
  12. Spend time at the library
  13. Create something — crafts are fun! (if you are into that sort of thing)
  14. Pretend you are a tourist in your own town and visit all the tourist traps!
  15. One word — SPA!
  16. Visit a public pool — again, less crowded during the week
  17. When was the last time you went roller skating?
  18. Stop by a local ceramics place and paint yourself a new mug for work
  19. Take a class at a local community college on something that intrigues you
  20. Go for a photo walk downtown
  21. Visit local antique and thrift shops
  22. Get a makeover — new hair-do, makeup, the works!
  23. Binge watch that TV series you’ve been meaning to see
  24. Do crossword puzzles ALL day
  25. Heck, do a really large, complicated, regular puzzle! — like this one

I could keep going but at this point I’m hoping you are inspired to come up with things that excite you.

Sometimes you have to JUST BE!

No, really.

No phone. No computer. Completely unplug for an entire day and do absolutely nothing. Find a sitter for the kids. Call off work. Take a day to do whatever it is YOU want to do.

An important part of the travel mindset is to not only recognize the importance of experience new places but to take time to live outside the daily grind. No guilt. No apologies. Life is too short to only be about work, work, kids, work, work and then more work.

Take a day and if you do, let me know what you did in the comments. Oh! and leave any more fun staycation ideas you may have. You never know who you will inspire! 

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