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Props to My Husband

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I am currently sitting in Barnes and Noble drinking a pumpkin spice latte, definitely my drink of choice when it starts getting cold.  Honestly, I love this time of year — sweatpants, sweatshirts, and some big fluffy socks.

I just love it!

This time of year also makes me reflect on my summer. I have had some great times this past summer, and instead of giving you a synopsis, I want to brag about my husband.

He definitely has his faults, as all husbands do. He doesn’t listen when I talk, rarely spells anything correctly, watches way too much boxing, and sings every song even if he does not know the words.

However, he does let me do whatever I want.

I hate using the phrase, “lets me” because it doesn’t really apply in our relationship. I hear women all the time telling me their husbands don’t let them go on vacations with their girlfriends and I’m like…. whaa?

photo 1

Their husbands say they can’t go.

Maybe that works for some couples, but not for me!

I’ll never understand it.  My husband and I never stop each other from doing what we want. The conversation usually goes like this:

me: “I am going to California next month.”

husband: “OK. Put it on the calendar and let me know if you need any money.”

me: ” Thanks.”


He hardly ever asks me who I am going with (he knows it’s Roni). He rarely wants to know dates, times, or specific location. Truthfully, he probably wouldn’t remember anyway (another annoying habit).

I am really lucky that he “lets me do what I want.”  Thankful he never inhibits me because of money or time. He always says, “Just go, don’t think about the money.” Even though I’m the one who is constantly worrying about it.

He lets me live my life the way I want to and never complains about me being gone too long or going too far away.

I am careful, however, to not go on a vacation that he would want to go on. He would get a little upset if I was going to Jamaica or some Caribbean island. He lives for heat and a good margarita. He would still let me go, but I know he would want to come with us.

Denver in January? Nope.

Portland in a day? Not a chance.

Savannah on a whim? I don’t think so.

Me? I will go anywhere, anytime.

So, props to my husband for being a supporter of my adventures. For loving me and letting me explore and be happy.

Plus, he is pretty cute.


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    October 6, 2014

    We definitely need to have a "my husband is awesome" party! I was blessed with a great one also!! Reply


    October 7, 2014

    Me too. Ours pretty much share the same faults too ;) well except for the boxing and spelling ;) We are some lucky girls. Maybe...just maybe we should 'let them' go on a vacation without us. Haha who are we kidding...we'd be going somewhere else, more fun of course! ;) Reply