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5 SkyMall Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

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If you’ve been on a plane in the past 20 years you’ve probably seen SkyMall. I can’t take a flight without paging  through the catalog. Its products range from ingeniously practical to utterly ridiculous, making it fun to “window” shop 30,ooo feet up.

On my way to Vegas I noted a few items I think would make great gift ideas for, well, people like me.

Sleeper Scarf

One word: Genius!

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 4.06.38 PM

I’m totally one of those dorky people who walk around the airport with a pillow around my neck. I’m also always cold and wouldn’t be caught dead without a scarf. Is this is not the perfect solution?!

SkyRest Travel Pillow

This is one of those I-don’t-really-need-so-I’d-never-buy-it-myself-but-I’d-love-it-as-a-gift things.

I’m famous for booking red eyes and I can totally see this being a life saver!

Bondi Flexible Holder

As someone who owns 2 cars both over 10 years old this would come in mighty handy!

I’m always propping my phone when I’m using it as a GPS on the dashboard only to have it slide all over the place.

Pocket Power 2200 – Purple

I already own this (got it as a gift a few years ago) and it has come in handy on trips quite a few times.

Basically you charge it and then it can charge your other devices. I used it to keep my camera going on our White Water Rafting trip last year and it worked great!

Solar e Charger Dex

Another charging option (can you tell I’m a gadget girl?) this is a waterproof, solar charger.

Basically it works like the Halo above but you can charge it via solar power. This will definitely come in handy on our next outdoorsy adventure!

SkyMall may have some cheesy, expensive, completely useless items but don’t forget about them for fun gifts this holiday season. They really do have some awesome products mixed in with the absurd.

Disclaimer: I’ve joined the SkyMall affiliate program and will make a small percentage of any sales that originate from this page — Click here to visit SkyMall.com

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