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Travel in MY Backyard – US Women’s Golf Open

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Last weekend the US Women’s Golf Open was in Lancaster. Exactly one exit up the highway from where my house is.

I have to admit, I don’t watch golf unless I want to take a nap. The monotone voices are better than Valium! You should try it.

Anyway, even though I didn’t know any of the players or who won last year I decided to go because when an international event is on your town that’s what you do, you go.

It was an incredible experience to walk up to the gate and see so many people from different states and countries in my town. I was impressed a little town like Lancaster, Pa., could pull this off.


The first thing I did was take a picture with the trophy. That was cool.


Until I attempted to touch it and got yelled at. Whoops.

I went with my friend Amanda who had been at the Open all week. Thankfully she knew all the players and where to go, which was helpful because the Lancaster Country Club is HUGE.



It was also beautiful. Breathtaking.


It almost made me want to buy a set of golf clubs and take up the sport. Then I realized how much walking was involved — definitely not for me.

It didn’t take long for me to learn the rules at the US Open.

  1. You cannot take pictures or videos (the caddies will yell at you if they catch you).
  3. NO TALKING when this guy has his hands up.

(I asked for permission to take his picture as I am going to hang it in my classroom. He had incredible POWER. When he raised his hands, the crowd went silent. I wish I had that power in my classroom. I WILL have that power!)

We watched several players tee off and it was amazing. They were reaching over 300 yards! I had no clue how far it was until I saw it in person.



It is far.


Really far.


Then we saw Michelle Wie. Her fan base was impressive. She had a crowd around her like a rock star.

She was wearing aviator glasses and had the coolest golf outfit on. I was immediately a fan.


Before leaving, we hit up the souvenir shop. I got a hat and a pin to add to my collection.


I had so much fun I decided to go home and watch the rest of the tournament on my couch.  The best seat in the house.


It was exciting and I was glued. I am now a fan of women’s golf.

Thank you, Amanda. It was a great day.


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