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It’s Travel Planning Time, People!

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Hand writing travel plan

I’ve been in a bit of a travel rut. Money and time have been tight, which is why you haven’t seen me around these parts lately.

Frankly, I was avoiding TheUnwordlyTravelers like the plague because I knew I just couldn’t make it the priority I wanted to.

Then, today, I peeked through some old posts and was reminded why I NEED to re-prioritize.

I may not be able to travel as much as I want or have the money to take the luxurious vacations I’d like but I can’t let that stop me from doing, wait for it, what I can when I can! (I wrote a book — did you hear?)

So this is the post in which I reclaim my travel motivation. It’s time I spend some energy on my 2016 travel plans.

First up, Disney

It’s hard to call something a tradition when you’ve only done it once. However, since we took my oldest to Disney for his 5th birthday we’d like to do the same for my youngest who, unbelievably, turns 5 on March 17.

Lucky for us spring break is the following week, which means we could take the whole family down to Florida without missing school.

I haven’t booked anything yet, mostly because I simply don’t have the cash but I’m saving up and The Husband and I have decided on minimal Christmas gifts so we can make this trip a reality.

It’s going to be tight but we’re planning on driving, spending three nights and only visiting two parks to keep costs low enough so we can still stay in one of their resorts.

Next, our annual anniversary trip

This year was New Orleans, last year was Vermont and the year before dinner at a new local restaurant.

We initially planned on going to Boulder in 2016 but honestly, we can’t afford it. Instead we booked a weekend closer to home at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina. Lucky me had enough Hyatt points to cover three nights!

It’s not what we planned but we still get to spend some alone time to reconnect and travel. And that’s what it’s all about!

The Mother-Sons trip

This is the most important vacation for me. Last year was an unbelievable experience and looking through those photos is what inspired me to get my butt in gear on planning for next year.

The 10-Year-Old and I discussed and we decided to do something totally different than Wyoming. He has his heart set on visiting Montreal. It’s where is favorite YouTubers are from and I figure why not use that as an excuse to visit a new place for us?

I haven’t worked out all the details yet but what I’m planning is a road trip from Baltimore to Montreal then from Montreal to Portland, Maine, and back home. The kids and I had a blast road tripping all over Utah, Idaho and Wyoming this year and it’s a pretty inexpensive way for us to explore the world.

Thankfully I also have some Starwood Preferred Guest points and can book hotels in both cities, which should cover the majority of our hotel costs!

Our all-inclusive splurge

Because of the amazing time we had last year in Punta Cana this trip is already in the works!

I turn 40 the end of the July, so I invited friends to join us at an all-inclusive in Jamaica a couple of weeks later for a long weekend. This is one of the few times I’ll go through a travel agency because we are able to book the trip in advance but pay it off slowly.

We made arrangements in October and are paying about $200 a month to make this trip a reality. I’d love to make an all-inclusive weekend a yearly tradition for us as well but we’re going to have to play it year-by-year based on child-care options and vacation time.

I’m ready! 

Writing this all out has given me the boost I needed. Making travel a priority is important but it requires quite a bit of work, planning and sacrificing to make it happen.

I’m ready to make it happen.

*Image from Healthyvoyager.com

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    Thea Rudland

    November 19, 2015

    Do you know where to look for Disney discounts? We all enjoyed Montreal. It's a pretty easy drive...long, but easy. The hardest part once the shock of seeing all the road signs in French. :) Reply


    May 31, 2016

    Hi Roni, I hope you get to read this comment! Montreal is so beautiful. I can't remember where they are exactly but Montreal has fun musical swings your boys would get a kick out of. Also, Montreal is only a 2 hour drive (or inexpensive VIA Rail train ride) to Ottawa, the capital. When in Canada, you should look up the Running Room. You can join group runs Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings and the environment is so inviting and fun. Reply