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Since When Can I Sleep On a Plane??

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image from http://tripcart.typepad.com/tripcart_the_blog/2007/09/dont-take-fligh.html

Hello, friends!

It’s hard to write on the travel blog when I haven’t been anywhere except my couch in months.  It has been a rough traveling year but I’ve been re-energized with a quick trip to Delray Beach, Fla.!

Pennsylvania’s been cold. We have had 3 feet of snow, sub-20-degree temps, and a lot of wind.  Not a good combination for this warm-weather girl.

Really, as I get older, I simply cannot tolerate the cold.  It makes me ANGRY!

So… one day while trapped inside watching the Travel Channel I started searching for flights to Florida. My cousin said they always have great deals flying out of Atlantic City so I checked.


I scored a round trip ticket to Fort Lauderdale for $95 on Spirit Airlines!

The husband did not want to go …

My sister was starting a new job …

Roni’s too busy with the kids …

So, I called the one person I knew who couldn’t say no to a bargain trip to sunshine — my dad.

Off we went. It was 16 degrees when we left.



We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house in Delray Beach.  We ate at the best restaurants, drank the best martinis, and laughed. A lot.

Look at this view from the restaurant!


We also had some wonderful beach time.



I even called the husband while it was snowing in PA … I felt kind-of bad, but not really. That’s him in the corner….in the snow.


We have a 7:10 flight on a Wednesday morning out of Fort Lauderdale.  I knew it was going to be a bad day because I can never sleep on a plane.  NEVER.

I have taken many red eyes, early-morning, middle-of-the-night flights, but was never able to sleep. No matter what I did , nothing ever worked. Ask Roni!

This time was different.

I don’t remember the take off and only vaguely remember landing.

It’s weird, I know, but this made me so happy! I slept on a plane!

Wait … why?

Is it because I’m getting older? (Things have been changing ever since I turned 40 but that’s a completely other post.)

Is it because the airline was extra comfortable? (Bwah ha ha ha!)

Maybe I was just exhausted because of all the fun times? (I didn’t sleep after our trip to Vegas so I highly doubt it.)


*featured image from http://tripcart.typepad.com/tripcart_the_blog/2007/09/dont-take-fligh.html

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There are 3 comments so far. Join in on the conversation.


    March 9, 2016

    I'm digging the "You're old" theory. Reply


    March 10, 2016

    yes, things change with age, take it from a 63 year old. It doesn't mean crap though, there are coping strategies to accommodate, it's very simple. Spend more time in FLA., be tuned into Roni, listen and you will hear! You're an inspiration and have found the way, blaze your trail, no one can show you better than you. I wish I were 40 something! Reply

    Tammy D

    March 26, 2016

    Sounds like a blast! Anything to get away from winter!! I could never imagine sleeping on a plane..too much adrenaline. Can I how you found that great of a deal on the flight? Was it an app or did you just check the website? Thanks Reply