Workin’ Out At The Airport

Workin’ Out At The Airport

You have about three choices when you are at an airport waiting for your next flight.

  • shop
  • drink
  • eat

Have you ever thought about working out?

There are many times that I have spent WAY too much money walking around an airport buying stupid things I do not need. You wander looking for something to keep you occupied because the last thing you want to do is sit.

Ironically, I was reading my weight watchers magazine and came across an article by Mike Olsen about working out at the airport.

I took a photo of it on my ipad , but could not find the article anywhere on the web.

Anyway,in the article there is a website  that will give you all the information you will need about any airport. It is run by KevinGillotti.

A few years ago, he figured out how to combine his two passions by starting a website called airport gyms. He encourages travelers to write in when they find a fitness center at an airport or within a 10- to 15-minute ride from one. He then lists them by state.


Unfortunately, most of the airport gyms are off site because of security reasons.Still, many airports are experimenting with options such as the yoga room. They are also attracting food vendors with more organic and healthier dishes on their menus.

Here are some examples:

San Francisco International unveiled its yoga room, painted in a calming blue palette, last month in its recently refurbished Terminal 2. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has a 1.4-mile marked walking path in a couple of concourses. At Los Angeles International Airport, travelers can hit an 18-hole golf course or do yoga or tai chi at the LAX Flag Courtyard.


So, the next time Roni and I are traveling I will definately look at this site, pack my sneakers and a extra change of clothes in my carry-on, and workout!!!!!!