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Portland: 25 Hours 25 Memories

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View of Portland

Jen and I are on out 4th flight in 36 hours. Saturday morning we left Baltimore and headed to Portland by way of Atlanta. We had exactly 25 hours to see as much as possible before heading back with a stop in Salt Lake City.

Even with so little time and a business meeting we were able make some great memories along way.

It all started at 6AM.


Our flight left BWI at 6:20 and we headed to Atlanta.

We flew Delta and I was very impressed by the on-board, real-time, map!

Look a Map!

We had some great views coming into Portland even though it was a little overcast.

Mountains coming into Portland

We landed around noon, took the MAX and arrived our awesome hotel.

Jaw Dropping Room!

More about that in a future post.

We dropped our bags in the room and hit the streets. Where were we going? Well, it’s going to sound funny, but on the plane we happened to sit next to a local. We asked him what he would do in Portland if he only had 24 hours. He immediately responded with,

“Big Ass Sandwiches. I’d definitely go to Big Ass Sandwiches.”

Ok, then. That’s what we decided to do.

First things I noticed on our walk was the bikes.

Bike City

I love pedestrian friendly cities!

After a few blogs we found the “famous” Big Ass Sandwiches only to discover…

Big Ass is Closed. :(

They were closed for the day.

Total Bummer.

We were really excited for it too, but that’s when we spied…

Pork Chop City to the Rescue!

Pork Chop City.


We decided to split the meat sampler.

Mmmm Ribs!

It. Was. Good.

I second that.

Across the street…

Line at Voodoo Donut

The famous Voodoo Donuts!

We were already falling in love with Portlands weirdness.

Keep Portland Weird

After a short wait in line we got into Voodoo

Inside Voodoo

The people outside were real curious.

Voodoo lookers

Back at the hotel we had our meeting and got to see the view from the outside bar.

View from Depature


After a quick shower and change we headed out for some dinner and drinks.

Drinks at Departure

Sushi at Portland

Nighttime view from Departure

Late Night

The next morning I headed out for a run along the river.

Waterfront Park

The views were gorgeous! (Click here to see my running video.)

View of Portland

After check out we took one last walk.

Street Shot

It was nice just strolling and seeing the sites.

O’Bryant Square

Off to Powell’s famous Book Store.

Powell’s Books

It was big. I’m talking B.I.G.

Powell’s Book Map

On the way home it was more great views.

Mountain from plan on the way home,

It may have been a short trip but we had a blast. I’m seeing more weekend jaunts in our future.

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    Karen P

    September 17, 2012

    Loved your photos. Brings back lots of fun memories. My daughter looked out the plane while travling to Portland, saw the mountain and asked it if it was Mount Everest!!! We said "no!". Then she asked if it was Mt Fuji. We were all cracking up at that point. ( she was about 4 years old). Loved Powels, too. Thanks for travel blogging. Karen P Reply

    Krista S.

    September 17, 2012

    I had a Rogue Brewery Voodoo Maple Bacon ale tonight! What kind of doughnut did you get? Powell's is the most kick ass bookstore, specifically the one on Burnside. I went there many years ago when I was a teen. So glad you guys had a fun time in Portland. And I see Jen is drinking a no whip pumpkin spice latte....delish! Reply


      September 17, 2012

      ohh we're planning a whole post about voodoo don't you worry! And we did go to the one on Burnside. Very cool! Reply


    September 17, 2012

    I love Portland and remember running the "Cascade Run-Off" there years ago. (15K) Got to meet Bill Rogers! Reply

    A Night at “The Nines”

    September 19, 2012

    The photos are amazing! You did see a lot in the short time you were there. You guys are inspiring me to take a weekend adventure!!! Reply

    Weekend in Portland

    September 22, 2012

    What a beautiful city! Looks like so much fun! I need more adventures! :) Reply